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by stockto Oct 21, 2018
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Skirt behind "ladywarrior_v4_casual" left leg is too thin, doesn't print out on Zortrax. See makes.

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imma give it a go! printing now, let ya know how it goes on my crappy monoprice maker select plus :) haha

I posted a make of the original. I've changed to a 1mm nozzle for some mass production stuff (only have one printer) but I'll give the new one a go when I'm able to set up the 0.2 nozzle again.

Well, I changed the base, filled the quiver, added some stuff under her heels and scaled the mini up to 120%. But the leg is simply to thin to print on an fdm printer without issues. Tried it on an Ender 3 with a 0.2 nozzle and 0.08 layer height. Print broke at the ankle. She needs a pair of big boots :D.

Does not slice well. The bow gets cut out in Simplify3D, and I can tell the ankle will not split well to the base on an FDM based on the slice preview.

The quiver is too thin, Zortrax's slicer does not print it.

I can already see multiple potential problems with printing that on FDM printers.
Namely, too thin and fragile limbs. Especially the ankle of the figurine would be extremely weak and break easily, if it would print properly at all.
it is almost guaranteed to break when removing supports at 28mm scale.

I like the look of the model, but it is not really suited for FDM printing.
I will give it a try, but similarly delicate models have failed exactly at such points as the foot/ankle.