D&D Small Ship (Playable Terrain)

by Tecwyn Oct 21, 2018
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Hey you mention in your profile that you use an ender 3. I also have an ender 3 and was wondering if the printer can bridge over the window in the captain's cabin.. if so what printing speed would you recommend?

Yes, I did everything support-less. Personally, I do not like a lot of infill. I did all of mine with 5% infill instead I increase the wall thickness to make up for it. This makes it a lot stronger. By my experience Thicker Walls + 5% infill > Thin Walls + 30% in fill. Doing it this way also means you use less material but it does take about 20% longer.
Bridging comes from making sure your Ender has smooth movements and balanced. You should also check the print path in cura, watch how it will travel in the layers. A good bridge shouldn't stop when it touches the otherside, it should go a bit further so its secured. Imagine if you drew the two sides of a door frame | |, then you drew the top - where it went over (on top) the left frame but then just touched the right frame. This would mean its not fully supported its just next too. Its hard to explain this in words, if you watch the print head path you would understand what I mean.

The OBJ files seem to have issues, they are made of multiple parts and some of the vertices are too close together, causing gaps when the slicer tries to prepare it for printing. I had to import the OBJs in Blender and clean them up before they were usable in Flashprint.

Will all of this fit in a 120 x 120 x 120 mm bed? New to printing.

I'm afraid not. What you would have to do is cut the model into sections and print each section. There are guides for doing things like this, but I do not have experience in this as I use a ender 3 which has a 250mm bed.

printing this tonight at 50% size, looks great!

Another thing you can do to make them interlocking without needing supports would be to have a diagonal section of wall that is half normal thickness, then a matching interlocking diagonal section on the adjacent piece. I can send you a sketch if it would be helpful... love your design, and looking forward to seeing your next projects! I might have to print this for my rakham pirate goblins. Yar!

Yes please! I'm struggling to picture it, but I think I need to look a better way to hold them together, trying magnets this time. Can you PM me the sketch. :)