SC8UU Bearing Block with Nut Space

by RTFG Oct 22, 2018
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Why in hell do you still use nuts for these when self tapping screws do the job, simpler, better ! Besides, this is fragile.

Because I don't like threading directly into plastic unless I absolutely have to. If it doesn't work then that'll be a problem on my end.

Love the design!! Printing it right now!

So the industry that uses that in 95% of the case is wrong ? As I said, easier, stronger. Of course I am speaking about self tapping screws for PLASTIC ! Although the one for sheet metal are OK too. Plenty to be found in all kind of equipment, from coffee maker to scanners, printers etc...
The other alternative are threaded inserts.

Threaded inserts would be overkill and I don't care what the industry does when it comes to one off parts, I'll do what I think what would be best for me.

Of course, you are free to do crap designs ! BUT, by publishing here, you may induce peopleinto making the same mistakes and therefore I warn others.
BTW, one side is too flimsy. Anyway, doesn't seem to have a lot of people interested.

Providing zero constructive criticism does not warn people. This is also a part for a older printer so there's no reason for it to get real popular. Why even post if you're not going to help at all.

Wow, I hurt again the sensibility of a liberal ! When I read "constructive criticism", I know I am dealing with a spoiled millennial !
Guess what, I TOLD WHAT TO DO ! You rejected the idea, didn't even understand, neither made a search regarding the use of fasteners in plastic. Therefore I had to warn others. The majority here has no clue about mechanic and smart people deserve to be informed.

Good job discrediting your own argument with unnecessary political inclusion (and last I checked, I don't care what I am) and personal insult (and a contrived insult that every generation uses to the younger ones).

But by looking at other descriptions designs of yours, comments on remixes from other people and your comments on the remixes, this is the usual for you, being a sad person who can't stand the idea that other people's ideas will be better than yours and the fact that you're not special.

Go back to what ever echo chamber you came from, you're not as intelligent as you think you are.