Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Linear Servo Actuator (GM) Gear Motor Version

by Chiprobot May 1, 2014
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Do you have the design files available?

Hi ChipRobot
What lib did you use to design the acme screw....?

Yo° stefansmit
I used Blenders "Bolt Factory" addon .. it gives great control over all possible thread combinations.

I was using cura to try to print this. I am having some issues with the plunger and the gear correctly.

What are your recommended settings to print, so I have a base guideline to mess with

or would you mind posing your cura profile settings?

Hoi Carpenoctem...
Its prints without support in the orientation of the supplied STL files.
My PLA Version was using 220°C hot_end and 70°C heated_platform.
The plunger should print ok with 0.1mm Zaxis steps (use 0.06mm if still experiencing problems)
(i.e. If the spiral thread does not form neatly then reduce your Z steps to finer detail ).....
Be sure to have the cooling fan going "Full Speed"

Mine printed at 100% speed .... you could also try reducing the speed to give the plastic a "Tad" more time to cool off during the spiral ascent.

Printing the gear part:-
.... its printed by altering the Shell thickness to 0.4mm
as it makes a 0.4mm spline that fits into the slot of the feedback potentiomenter.

If your printer fails to make the spline then you can easily slot/melt in a thin metal vane. (no worries)
Hope this helps.
Regards G.

Hello, Chiprobot,
how long, do you think, the trimmer is able to endure rotating back and forth?

Hi, nice work! I wonder which printer did you use to print all the plastic pieces?


Luis José

Hoi Luis
I used an "Ultimaker" splice_ing it with "Cura".