Brain W(e)AVE & Split Headache - By Dizingof

by Dizingof Oct 23, 2018
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I was going to say , eeekk gawds man!, that is not for the FDM faint of heart. Still, a cool design.

Yet another from the master... But it needs a flat bottom as well as a hole for removable supports and a light. Shall I post a remix or would you rather add it here???

OK... After I have a completed print... about 10 hours from now.

I actually had to do quite a bit to make it printable. I had to solidify the bottom, cut it flat, boolean the hole in the bottom for support material and light and then I had to add to spots on the skull that were too thin... But when I tried to post the remix Tverse came back saying that you have chosen a use license which does not allow posting remixes. I'd be happy to send you the file to add here.

You did a great looking print! Awesome quality.
I didn't design it just for FDM or just for lighting..

Yes you can email me the file to contact at 3dizingof.com and i'll add gladly. Thanks.

File sent via email.

Thanks. Will add it.