by egon May 1, 2014
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Awesome! My turtle's head got stuck and I couldn't get it loose. I put it in hot water for a few minutes and then jimmied the head loose with needle-nose pilers. Worked great! I love these little turtles. Thank you!!

Has anyone printed this with a raft on a Makerbot 5th gen?

Printing without a raft is always a struggle, so just wondering..

I've tried this print on 4 different printers (all PLA), and invariably one of the leg balls gets knocked off the print bed after a few layers. Any advice? I'm getting a lot of curling on the leg balls as well (probably the reason why the leg balls are getting knocked off), even when running the cooling fan at 100% after the first layer.

EDIT: forgot to add, I use slic3r, which cannot do an inner brim. This is an issue because the central ball will also get knocked off.

Hi Walter, At what temperature are you printing? From your description it seems like you got a material flowing problem.
You might try lowering the temperature of the PLA to prevent curling. Also I print the first layer 0.1 mm thicker than the rest of the layers. So If I use a general layer height of 0.15 mm my first layer will have a 0.25 mm layer height.
With my prints I do use a brim of about 5 to 10 lines to hold the parts in place on the first few layers.
Also you could try a different slicer to see if that has a better result.
I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to troubleshoot your printing issues.

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Hello Egon,

Just a quick message to thanks you !

I printed one turtle without any issue ( some legs where a little bit stuck but nothing that a screw driver and some sand paper can't solve ! ) .

I am so pleased that I just launched a new one 2x bigger, will send picture of the result.


That's nice of you, thanks!
Would love to see the bigger version :o)

maybe you meant 2 hours and 25 minutes...

No I meant 25 minutes, but I did edit the description because I noticed not many people have a fast enough printer.
Thanks for the heads up!

Printed great on the first try using the suggested .15mm layer height. Anyone try .2 layer height to reduce the print time, or would that mess with the moving parts?

Personally I printed this turtle with 0.3 mm layer height and it still came out pretty decent.
But I guess this depends also on the printer you are using. I suggest to just try and find out what works best for you.

This is a great print. Just starting it now. The estimated time is 2 hours and 20 minutes. Not quite sure how to obtain the 25 minute run like you suggested.

My specs were:

25% Infill
0.15mm layer height
1 shell
50 mm/s feedrate
100 mm/s travel speed

I'll let you know my results!

So I printed one and I can't seem to get the pieces lose or moving at all

Update got the front legs

Try using a small screwdriver, but be careful not to hurt yourself.
Sometimes the parts are quite loose and sometimes fused stuck inside the body,
it all depends on what printer you use and with what settings.

The standard settings described in the instructions seem to work well with most printers,
but unfortunately I can't guarantee that it will work on every printer...

So cute i love them. Do they print well?

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satané tortue, jamais réussi à l'imprimé correctement :p
dommage elle est mignonne... allez je ressaye

Let me know what the problem is, maybe I can help ;o)

merci c'est gentil, mais pour apprendre, je dois m'aider moi- même :)

thank you is nice, but to learn, I have to help myself ;)

satané tortue, jamais réussi à l'imprimé correctement :p
dommage elle est mignonne... allez je ressaye

Cute tiny turtle!! It took about 2 and a half hours to print, but I used two different colors to print it so it's normal. :)

I only have one little problem with this print... maybe it's the settings i used, but the hind legs fell out... o.o The version I used is the turtle 2.1 :)

Hi Littleberrybee, Could be many things, did you read the instruction page?
Also is your printer calibrated well? I mean is 5 cm in a drawing also 5 cm in print?
I suggest you try another with different settings and find out this way what works best for you.
Hope this helps.

Wait so I'm confused. Can the arms, legs and head go back in the shell after you take them out? Or are they permanently out once you take them out? Ps I have a 3doodler pen and I am going to use it to add more detail to the turtle:D

Nothing is permanent in this world ;o)
Curious to see your results!

I cant get the head out. can you give me any advice on that?

Did you use the settings on the instruction page?
It should push out from the bottom if it's not fused too much.
You could try with a screwdriver but be careful not to hurt yourself.
Otherwise just print another, it's a quick print.

Hi Egon, Nice and clever design! We were very surprised by the long printing time of 5 hours. When we checked the layers we say that the model was hollow on the inside. We suspect this takes a lot of extra time because it is printing a lot of unnecessary shells instead of a 20% infill. Could you maybe also post a model that is not hollow on the inside?
By the way, a kids television program asked us to print this little turtle on their show. I'll send you a link once it is online.

Hi mowi, That's weird, I can print one in 90 min. with the settings on the instruction page. The model is hollow to create extra strength, double shells work better than infill. But send me your e-mail and I'll see what I can do. And of course I would love to check the program, so please do send me the link! :o)

Should i print this with support structures, or will they just get in the way?

But ye, definitely gonna print this.

Sorry I missed your question completely. As you might have figured out by now the support needed is included in the file and easy removable. I would advise to use a brim for better platform adhesion.

This is the cutest thing on thingiverse i am going to print this right now

I have to say, how clever is this. I love it.

p.s. On an MakerBot Replicator Mini - just needed the bottom slighly filed. Lovely design, my daughter is a turtle fan so we may be printing a number of these. Print time around 4 hours.

try to print this on my mendelmax with no success yet :)

What seems to be the problem, maybe I'm able to help.

first print, everythin fused so I canceled it at 10% mark :), second print the part in the center of the tear drop keep coming off from the bed :), I'm printing my 3rd one with 30% speed now which is very slow

You might try the new version, it has better adhesion to the building platform and will make for a smoother print.
Hope this helps.

ok will try to slice the new one and see how it goes maybe scaling it up help to i guess :)

I didn't test scaling it up yet, should be possible do.
Let me know how it goes.

I need to tune my Slic3r again, at 4% my nozzle manage to hit the center small piece and unstick it from the bed, but others part look printed nicely but I did scale it up to 1.6 in slic3r, I will try to print it again tonight

I can't print this at all. I failed 5 times (or more). The problem is the part can not stick on the plate so it felt out and stick on the head. Should I use raft? Or, just give up? I am using a Da Vinci Duo 2.0. So sad now.

I'm sorry to hear that, yes maybe try with some support. I don't know how this works on a DaVinci printer sorry.
Also I'm working on a model with better support, I will have to test it better but I hope to have it available for download next week.

So close! Mine was fused together pretty fierce, but after quite a bit of work I was able to free three of the legs. The final back right leg was stuck in there good. I eventually was able to pop the whole thing out, but unfortunatly now it just falls off when the turtle is picked up! Even the head was able to pop out with no problems. I'm going to melt some plastic over it to keep it in place :)

Thanks Aurock, you could try and modify the parts yourself. There is free software out there that is not difficult to learn. Like http://www.meshmixer.com/http://www.meshmixer.com/ and http://pixologic.com/sculptris/http://pixologic.com/sculptris...

Very cool. I printed one of these the other day, and it turned out pretty well. I did have a little issue with freeing the head up, but other than that everything printed in place and moved freely after I removed the brim. The head was an issue because the 'stopper' at the back end of the neck had bonded some with the side walls of the opening. It looks like that stopper has little or no support for some parts, and so the bottom of it turned out somewhat sloppy. There was a bit of this same effect on the underside of the turtle's head asw well, the face is clearly not as smooth clean as the top side of the head. Still, considering that it prints without using support material, it's pretty darn cool. My teenage son is always saying 'I like turtles' at random times, so I printed one of these. He liked it, but of course wasn't happy because he also talks about Purple Turtles (I think he likes the way it sounds), so I ended up having to order purple filament so I can print him another.
Now, if someone with more talent than me could take this design and expand on it, giving the shell the shape and style of an actual turtle shell, it would probably be cool enough to be featured on the front page of thingiverse. . .

It's not totally "print in place" like this model is, but here's one with the shell and style of an actual turtle if you're keen for some more realism. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:164317http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Loggerhead Sea Turtle (poseable)
by 4MULE8

Thanks! I'm adding that to the tags ;o)