Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Parallel Line Drawing Tool (Parametric)

by CodeCreations Oct 4, 2012
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By any chance do you know if there is something similar to the Stravigor http://www.antikeychop.com/stravigor or the Nolligraph https://www.amazon.com/Noligraph-5-line-Staff-Liner-Pickboy/dp/B0046S0O4E?
Thanks .

Hi, I had one of this printed and had a little trouble keeping all the pens touching the board at the same time, as well as holding them in the tool for that matter. They'll fall off if I try to add a gentle pressure in order to make them all touch the board, so I figured it was due to the default clampHeight. When I changed clampHeight, it also seemed to be generated from that same z value upwards, rather than calculate a proper z value so that it would be vertically centered on the frames.

So I made a remix in order to tweak that and added a bar at the top to make sure all the pens touch the board at the same time. As I'm using a white board mounted on wheels, I thought I'd add hooks for hanging the whole thing on top of it as well. Haven't printed it yet, but here it is. Hope it's okay. :)


Parametric Jig for Music Staff


Hi, nice tool! I've a question , I'm looking for a tool with 6 lines . Can you fix that for me?
Thanks, Suzan

You should see an "Open In Customizer" link now -- you can change lots of parameters, including the number or lines. Enjoy!

I need something like this for an invention convention project. Does it have a patent??

I did not patent it.

All the teachers had one of these when I was in grade school, but they held chalk. I don't think dry erase was invented yet, or photocopiers.

Yeah, I've seen them use pinstriping tape, too, but I've always been fond of this approach. 

Remember the mimeographs? :) 

 Mmmmm.... fresh mimeograph smell!