Tileable Self Watering Planter

by Yamill Oct 25, 2018
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Don’t you get root rot planting succulents in a self-watering pot? This printed beautifully!

Would you consider sharing the source in an editable format? such as parasolid, step file, or openscad or something

In what wat is it self watering? I printed it and thought there should be a wall of water in bottom piece and low water level in the top piece. But the levels in both stay the same. What am I missing here?

look up "self watering" planters. use potting mix instead of soil in it.

This is a great thing. Thumbs up for this. But I've been printing this on my Prusa i3 and it last 15 hours to print it. That is quite long but despite of this, it is really great. Not perfect but great :) Thanks a lot

I had issues when slicing your files in Simplify3D. I used this site: https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ to fix them. Here are the fixed files, perhaps you want to include them in your download page for others? They are in the 3mf format, which S3D imports just fine, and will go to G-code just fine. Great design!

Thanks a bunch for fixing the issues you had. I've added your versions into the downloads.

Thanks for these repaired files. My first attempt to print this ended up less than water-tight for the same reasons.

Would be cool to have an indicator of how much water is left :)
But rly cool Design!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Having trouble printing this. The sides of the watering cup curles up causing it to crash on my prinda probe on my mk2s.

Tried both PLA and PETG.

Have you tried adding a brim?

Could you post a picture depicting the curling you mention? I'm new in the 3D printing scene and may not be able to help you, but maybe someone else could.

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How do I print the planter (inside part), upside down?

I made my prints as is. The upwards angle is shallow enough that it doesn't need supports.

If you decide the print it out upside down, you may need supports for the flat bit that'll be on top.

Alright, I'll try to print it right side up, I'm a bit concerned that it will break free due to the small footprint.

Just use a brim if your afraid of that.