Creality Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro / Cr-10 Extruder Knob

by techboner Oct 25, 2018
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I printed with solid filling with creality CR10 S5, perfect fitting with pressure. Very useful Thanks!

Printed 3 times on 2 different filaments, has never fitted once even by working on the hole for a long while. Will try 102 this time around and see if I get any luckyer..

Does not work a 102 as well. I'm done, wasted too much filament on this, should have modeled one on my own from the start.. people upload anything on the web even when it clearly does not work unless you change it manually.

I just got mine today, what does this do? Will it make it take less then 15 min to feed the filament lol

Echoing what others have said about the fitment being too tight and about having issues with the default orientation of the model. I rotated the model 180 deg. about the Y axis and scaled up to 102%. Printed at .32mm layer height (it's a utility print, not a beauty contest) and the knob fits perfectly.

Print came out fine. Thanx!

Although it was bit too tight (printed at 100% ^^) I carved the hole a bit with a small knife. Still I needed a bit of force to push it on the extruder thing, which was pushed down by a few millimetres. Now while moving backwards (while pulling the filament back while printing) it makes an awful screetching noise. I hope i didnt break anything and that i can fix it.

EDIT: I found the reason for the awful noise! Your extender knob is completely innocent. The culprit can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2920344

Ender 3 Filament Guide easy install

Does this work on the Creality CR20?

Needs to be flipped 180 degrees and scaled 102%-103%. Otherwise - perfect.

I printed this earlier as my second print for my ender 3 (first time ever useing a 3d printer) and i have to say it printed amazingly and fest with smooth lines and crisp edge thank you for uploading very greatful

Tried 3 times then flipped 180 degrees. The original way can't stay glued on the table.

had a good tight fit with 102% scale on my ender 3

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Flipped it 180 degrees and resized to 102%. its loose on my ender 3. should've left it at 100%.

I, like many others have commented, found the fitment on the tight side. What I ended up doing was taking a knife to the hole to create a slight bevel then with a bit of persuasion found it fitted onto the Ender 3.

This fits nice on my ender, but after a couple of filament changes it won't work amymore, it seems the hole got bigger or something.

Yes mine too.

Fixed by scaling to 102%
Turns out it was too small, so when i installed it the hole got bigger abd with time it stopped working.

Thank you. I will try asap.

Good luck. Also try to fit the flat side of the knob with the flat side of the extruder.

I printed this in PLA at 100% and could not get it to fit onto my Ender 3. Re-printed at 102% and it fit perfectly.

Printed at 100% and it's just a bit too small to fit on my new Ender 3 Pro - even warmed up with a hair dryer. Will try 102% next.

A tip to everyone that have put Vibration dampers on their Extruder-motor! I just flipped the extruder-wheel which have the teeth to pull the filament through. This gave me at least 3-4 mm to attach this mod on the drivetrain/shaft of the motor :)

Printed mine, was a touch too small to be able to fit over the extruder shaft, so scaled up to 102% and fits perfect. Thanks for the great part!

A very useful addition and fits well , thanks .

By far the best and most nice feeling extruder knob I've tested! nice design :)

Scaled to 102% for my Ender 3 and it's a perfect fit.

Hi. This works great, after a couple of tweaks as the first try was too tight to press fit.

I had to flip the model upside down to print better, and scaled it to 105% (printed in no-name PLA, 200 degC extruder and 60 degC bed).


Came out good. one of my first prints! The fit was a bit tight, but I chalk that up to me being a noob.

Hey bud, I noticed that after a couples of says of use, my knob wore down on the inside so that it doesn't seem to spin my extruder gear at all anymore. I also noticed that for whatever reason, the fitting was a bit clunky on mine and left enough wiggle room that I could spin it off the gear on accident pretty often. Could this be fixed by making that notch a bit of a tighter fit?

Scale the part so it fits your printer.

What "benefit" do you get with a Extruder Knob? :-D

It's a great visual indicator. You get to see a lot more clearly how the extruder is working (or should be working) compared to the gear. I'm also told it is practical for changing filaments but I'm not sur how.

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The practicality is that often when changing filament you have to purge the old filament a little bit to get the color correct and the filament flowing, and this allows you to do this easily instead of awkwardly extruding the filament by hand.

Sliced with Simply3D on my Ender 3 at 102% scale and it fits perfect.


Printed nicely on my Ender 3, had to warm up the stem with a hair dryer to get the knob to fit over the shaft

I stuck my soldering iron into the hole then plugged it in for a little bit.

worked very well. Fits perfectly!

I printed it (on my Ender 3 of course :) ) with supports and with 40% infill.
Cura reported time to print 1h 26mins

The only issue I had was removing the support from inside the hole - not a big issue! It just took a few mins to tease it out. But as soon as it was out it just slipped on to the top of the motor.

Good job! cheers :)

I printed this without supports and revised setting on the bed temp. 65* and printed on a raft due to prints with narrow base. They tend to detach from bed during printing.

My only issue is layers tend to fall off at the point as it tapers into the top portion. Also I have had issues with the hole over sizing after use. All and all a fun print.

Thanks techboner!

Instead of a raft and supports you can flip it 180 so it has a wider base and no need for supports.

Thanks a lot
Pro tip: If you flip it 180° around you don't need the support material :)

Sliced in Cura, rotated 180°, the print kept failing to stick to the bed even after slowing down initial layer speeds by half - the design just had too many frantic movements so the filament tugged at the design constantly. I'm reprinting it now with a very thin raft. If that doesn't work, I'll go print it standing up with supports.

I put down a layer of hairspray on the bed, prints seem much easier to remove, yet they stick better during printing.

Yes! I did realise that after I made my post :)

It does not insert correctly into the engine, it looks like it's squeezed

Same problem for me

I've also got the same problem. I'm using Cura. Where are the scale settings mentioned below?

Do you use Cura?

You have to scale it to 100%

is not already 100% scaled this stl?
I printed It without scaling

Should be. Maybe something is wrong with your slicer

I dont think. I printed yesterday several upgrades without problems.
Thanks for your help