Gloomhaven Bandit Archer

by Gronis Oct 27, 2018
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what orientation and supports did you use? settings? are you using prusa slic3r or other?

I printed it on its forehead with meshmixer support. Use meshmixer to find good orientation. Also make sure the meshmixer supports are not too thick because if they are the become sturdier than the arms and legs. For minis, I'm using Cura with lower temperature than usual (195c) and much slower (print time 2-3 hours).

Can't believe it is your first work in Blender. Greater work. Will print this for sure when my copy arrives. Only thing I would suggest is to make numbered bases (something similar what VirtuallyJason made).

Hi, Anomard!

Thanks! Actually, I have made a few things with blender before, but I never touched the sculpt feature. I have been drawing for years since I was a kid (not too much recently though) so I guess I have a good understanding of human anatomy and such :)

I have actually made my own numbered bases which fits the base I use with my models. But I have not uploaded them because they are too small for some figures, so I don't know how I should solve that. Also there are many solutions here on thingiverse, so I didn't bother uploading them.

Great figure! What do you think about creating different postures for this model? :) Like 2 or 3 more.

Hi again! I've added a few more postures for the model. Feel free to print them! I think the arrow might be a little too thin when it is not supported by the arm. Please provide some feedback if you decide to print it. I will print it as soon as I can and update any issues that I find (if any).

I could probably do that, but it would probably require some work, because I modeled all the props and clothes for that particular pose. Is there a particular pose you would like?

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That is impressive - you truly captured a feel and look of character from the monster card. I am looking forward to see your other creations for this amazing game.

Thanks! It turned out better than I anticipated :)

I have a few remixes I have made, but they diverge much more from the original Gloomhaven moster design, even though I still like them better than anything I can find online. Right now I have small problems with slicing them correctly, but I'll upload them when they are ready :)