Ramps or MKS Boards / tft 28/32" / Raspberry pi / Power supply : All-in-One! V2.1

by Benzine3d Oct 29, 2018
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When you have the MKS screen, is that an standalone controller?

Im asking because I was thinking that when you have this screen, it blocks serial communication of the RAMPS board, so you wont be able to use Octoprint anymore.

I use the Reprap Full Graphics Display. Can you send us the screen plate files, so we can edit it? Or is it boitier_alim_tft_test.skp you posted below? I cant open sketchup right now to check it..

Hello, yes standalone controler.

Check the file : top_screen_side or top_screen_side32 !


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do you have a screen file for the lcd2004?

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Hi. Lcd2004 this is only a screen, you need a controller. choose a controller, send me a tip and I draw for you quickly. greetings

where dos the fan duct go there's no reference in the exploded view ??

Hi. On the Right Side .You can See on the thingiview ;-)

the red thing in the 8th pic ??

How Yes sorry!

well tried to use the skp file but not familiar with Sketchup at all.

Can anyone help ? all I want is the overall size reducing so I can print on an Ender 3. My only option is to try and make it in smaller parts - so sides and base are split in 2. Is anyone familiar using sketchup or STL files ? I only use Fusion at the moment and I am still learning that.

Many thanks

hello if you reduce the size, the fan, the power supply, the screen, the motherboard and the plugs can not be in place anymore sorry dude


Are you able to release the step files as I would like to try and Re-mix it so I can print the parts on my Ender 3 as currently its too long and wont fit on the 220x220x250 printing size.

Great design and I love how everything is together. I will probably also slightly modify it so It will usse the Ender 3 PSU 24v for the MKS gen L too



here is the .skp for coins too big. Thanks for your feedback.


many thanks, will take have a look and keep you updated,

take care

great case I've already made it its not a perfect print on my end but look great i made a base for the mks gen v1.4 if you would like the stl to put with the rest of the files

Hello ! wow great job!a touch of paint and it's perfect! very happy that the project suits you! thank you for the photos I will add. yes gladly for the .Stl of the MKS GEN 1.4. great work anyway thank you very much. gladly to see your finished project. best regard

it is now in the file for download

a big thank you for your work


can you change the rearside?

Yes. what do you want?

there are already in the stl file the jacks available


thx! cant wait for tft 32 and raspberry pi support thx again1

can u please remix this great case.
I have a creality ender 3 and the bottom and the side panels are to big.
I can not print them or can you send me the correct files please .
thank you