Storage for 3 Snapmaker modules + spare parts

by HannesWe Oct 30, 2018
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Printed the new version - love it. Strongly recommend rotating the model by 90 degrees around the z axis otherwise the lateral movement forces on the plate as it is printing are just asking for the thin plate at the back to come unstuck - which after 20 odd hours of printing would be a disaster (or print upside down).

I did have the problem others have with fitting on the build plate I'm using the Snapmaker 3D software to print and I found the top part didn't like a 15% infill. Either 25 or 8 fixed it.

As a slight modification I would relook at the tiny pegs that match top to bottom on the left hand side (all mine broke) I'd suggest elongating them to maybe a centimeter in length which will give them extra strength.

I would also add a third hex wrench hole (my snapmaker and enclosure actually came with 4 but two are different), add another two screw holes (you have the space sitting there) and if I was being really greedy a hole for my Olsson torque wrench on the bottom but these are niggles I'm really pleased with it.

Thanks for the feedback I'll check your recommendations out when I will find time to do so :)

Could i get you to remake the top a little? :D

If posible move the 6 holes for trills over by the big hole.

Move 2 of the 4 holes for CNC brackets (hope you understand me) behind the other.

Move the screwdriver hole all the way over to CNC brackets.

And final ADD 1 more hole for 3D nossel beside the other where the screwdriver was.

If you can do this i will love you long time :D :D :D

Or if you have a better idea where you can add more 3D nossels because i have a few of them >_>

That said i LOVE this one

How many do you have ?

I think 4 or maybe 6 but 2 holes would be enough :)

So i changed the top part. Should work bud I didn´t print it.

Nice thank you :)
First i was like "he changed what now???" then i saw them on the side and front :D

Ill post a pic when i make it just need to find 1-2 days when i dont need to sleep (my printer is in the bedroom >_<)

You are welcome hope it works out.

Wont let me print say it go outside the build area.

It seem that it wanna move (without printing) outside the area when going from one place to an other and its only in the first layer.

Please see pic here > http://prntscr.com/lss35v

this will print but wont stick can you make one with print temp 210 and bed temp 75 first layer 70 rest ? :D

what slicer do you use ?

I'll check if something is wrong with the file when I'm back home but I for me it worked. But remember to not print it with a skirt or raft because there is no space for it.

Okay i'll see what I can do

Thank you very much :D

Im sorry i forgot all about it.
Been having alot of problems with filament not sticking but ill give it a try again as soon as im done with the box im building for my snapmaker (too much noice)

Man I'm having a hard time getting this to print on my Snapmaker. I have to rotate it 90 degrees before Snapmakerjs will consider it in the build volume and even then the margin is slim. Even making the side compartment a hair thinner would help.

Which part ? Bottom or top ? I had some issues as well first but I changed it and it worked fine for me.
It should have 5 mm space to each side as well.

The left side, looking at the snapmaker. Comes right up to the edge. I made sure everything is in the right hole on my snapmaker, otherwise it would be way off.

Try it without skirt or anything. Fixed the problem for me