Expanded range of movement double jointed ball jointed doll (1/3 BJD)

by bahboh Oct 29, 2018
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one question . i didnt want to print the doll in full size , so all the parts i printed at 40%. now about the eyes wig and clotes how do i figured out what size i need and if i find the size i need ?

now my doll is 25 cm tall. if anyone could give me the size of all i need eyes/wig/clothes
thank you.

OMG I am in love. I am currently printing her at a layer height of 0.1 . I hate sanding. Is the orientation that they drop into the slicer the preferred or recommended orientation?.

So far I have printed the head the hands, elbows and arms upper/forearms( tried printing forearms together they kept knocking themselves over very frustrating as I wasted 7 hrs there but ah well you live and learn hehe.

She is absolutely stunning I love her. cant wait till I finish printing

I printed everything as it is dropped into the slicer except the head cap, which i printed round side down, but support removal was a huge pain.
The taller prints should have wide brims for bed adhesion and stability.
I look forward to your results and how you paint or dress her.

Hi thanks for this model, I am currently printing one for my daughter who loves making clothes for dolls with her granny. I am wanting to get some realistic looking dolls eyes to place in the sockets, does anyone know what size to get or how to accurately measure for some (I haven't done anything like this before). Thanks :)

if you like the appearance of the size of the silver eyes that I used, they are 18mm. Some people used 22mm, but I found that less human looking due to the large size of the iris.

Thank you so much. Really sorry, I have just noticed that you put these details in the description, I don't know how I missed it the first time. Again thank you :)

Grats. I look forward to seeing how you make up her face/hair/clothes! Post it in the makes!

is there by chance a smaller bust for this doll preferably with the uncensored nipples?

How did you get the hands to print successfully. I’ve tried twice now with out luck. The fingers break off.

Are you printing the hand vertically? I printed the with the palm facing up.

I printed one palm up and one palm down. The palm up stuck to the plate. I did not use a raft. Should I?

I did no raft, and auto created supports, but the raft may help

Thank you I’ll give a shot

I ended up printing the hands vertically and got beautiful results. I used a raft and supports.

Real Angel :) Apprentice beat the Master :)

HELLO I DOWNLOADED YOUR FILES but i miss the left hand thight ,arm etc.where can i find it?

Hello, the opposite body parts use the same file, just mirrored in your slicer.

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I might be blind, but is there a video or something showing how to assemble/string her?

I unfolded a large paperclip, then folded in half. Then i bent the double wire into an s shape to make the s hooks.
I used a pipe cleaner to thread the elastic through the parts.

Any luck on the articulated hands you mentioned? I’d Love to print a pair for the doll I did with this!

Congrats on the print. I have a partial file in progress of adapting the wrist section of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:906098 but I have gotten distracted with other things in life, so who knows when i may get back to it. If you're able to, you could create the wrist adaptation and scale it down to fit yourself. If you do, do upload a remix!

Jointed Hand
by bq3D

It may be available sooner than expected I’m running a print of that with an adapted wrist as I’m typing this, though the finger may be a bit to small for my set up, the model though is still the same size as the original I just scaled it down to 26% of the original size so that the ball joint would be the same size as the one included in this model
Edit: never mind the holes for the string are way to small to print correctly let alone pass any elastic or even string through at the proper scale and scaling it up to work would look horrible with the current scale doll and frankly I ain’t willing to reprint the doll again for the hands especially with all the issues I ran into to make the first one

She's beautiful especially with those blue (silver gray?) eyes and dark red (burgundy?) dress :) .
If someone is interested how to open full size image. Do this.
Open picture then right click on it and choose show image. After this in adress change "preview_featured.jpg" to "display_large.jpg" hit enter. Done.
But it still isn't original size.

oo, it is helpful, that "display_large.jpg" and thanks for the compliments! Everything is from ebay from mostly chinese sellers rather than auctions, so there should still be plenty there.

Hi, thanks for the beautiful model! I used the pla color leather to print it and the result is fabulous!

Very nice! Post it on the makes!

Just posted! Thanks

Hi, thanks for the beautiful model! I used the pla color skin to print it and the result is fabulous!

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Hi, thanks for the model! I wanted to know in which program you edited it. I tried to edit her face to make it more human. But when I exported to 3Ds and the blender it showed so many vertices and polygons that I couldn’t work with model

I used blender for sculpting and a little of meshmixer for checking holes and orientation kind of stuff. At one point i did have a very very large file, but what's uploaded should be significantly smaller. However it still is a lot of verticies and polygons. Just be patient with blender? It is quite a lot for the computer memory to be handling.

 Beautiful and impressive. For those who are complaining about not being able to get their doll to stand up, many expensive dolls have the same problem -- that is what doll stands are for! I must confess, the more experience I have with dolls, the easier it is to make them make balance. 
 Have you posted pictures of your doll on Den of Angels? That would give you more resolution and they deserve to be seen (with her nipples!).

Thanks for the compliment. I don't think my doll is allowed on den of Angels since she is pla plastic rather than resin like most other bjd dolls. I was perusing their rules and I think i remember something like that

Thank you, she is so beautiful, but it can't stand without support

Nice print! Post it in the makes. I am a novice and she was my first foray into 3d modeling and editing and neither have I ever own a real bjd, so she's definitely far from perfect as a model and had a lot to improve on.

hi guys!
I have some troubles here
I printed this doll with scale 65% and details are okay but doll cant stand by itself, maybe I used a wrong rubber band to connect all parts.
what type of material did u use for connections? thanks
btw it looks great

I also do have trouble standing her up without leaning against the wall. Paint helped with additional friction, but i still have trouble balancing her. I will be sueding her when i have time to go to a hobby shop. I tried hot glue in the inside of the joint for additional friction as well but i find that it peels off with the movement of the joints. You may try wire inside the limbs.

Just wondering....how many hours have do spent sanding the parts down, how fine did u go? And any good tips on sanding parts?

By the way, if you print with ABS, you can smooth with Acetone. As long as you do it outside or under a hood,
it is safe if "used as directed."

I've heard Abs printing requires a closed chamber to keep a constant printing environment temperature. I'll stick with pla for now, those printer with covers are much more expensive than cr10 for example.

several? It's hard to count since i didn't print everything at once and sand all at once. i used a disk polisher at 10k rpm to get a majority of the layer lines off and some of them i hand sanded to about 240. I got impatient towards the later pieces that i printed. you could print at like .5 or .1 mm layer lines and it would be a lot finer, but print time will increase quite drastically.

Is there anyway to get a uncensored version of the chest piece? Also, do you happen to have any links for the clothes, eyes, wig, etc?

Yo... Don't laugh! D: .. XD

ok i will help you :D , you can find what you search in the Programm called Daz3D it has some Models inculded and the are complete i mean "uncensored" . Daz3d com or google it
The programm is Free and there are some Models free. If you want more there is a shop, this is their business model.
There are a lot of Artist selling stuff too make virtual Por..... - i mean Art offcourse.

Go to "Anime style 1/3 BJD 55cm Doll" from which this is remixed. the original chest piece is there. search ebay for 1/3 clothes, 18mm eyes, 9-10 wig. prices are always changing so you may find a good deal or you may find it more expensive. my eyes were an auction and i was rather lucky that the starting price was so low and no one else bid. lots of people look on taobao as well or actual 1/3 doll maker's clothes from proper brand names.

Same with the hands as well? As the file this only contains the right foot & right hand

In whatever slicer you use, just use mirror function to get the left sides of everything.

hnnnnggg I feel retarded. Thanks. Lol. - I'm still fairly new to 3d printing and just now found the mirror option.... .... After owning a printer for about 4 months now.........

np. I still have a super lot to learn on 3d printers too. it'll be fun to experiment if i get one

hello i like the new nose. if you are going to modify it more here's a suggestion. the jaw instead of going behind the eat it should be in-front. ps going to print anyways.

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't consider it. It'll be a long while before I get to remodifiying these, if I do .I still am modifying arm and legs. . But other things I would change would be the inside of the the sockets to be more spherical to fit the 22mm eyes better, neck/head joint so that half of the neck ball doesn't stick out, define some neck muscles, more defined collar bones, and perhaps a male chest.

Thank you! I cant wait to try ...do you know of any good bodys to put to it? Thx ...Harmony

this will fit on to Solomon262's BJD. If you look at the left under "Thing Details" it'll have the link for it since i remixed it from that.
I am planning on modifying the arms and legs more so that it will fit a different hand and and different knees and feet. but that will still take some time until i test print it myself.

I am looking forward to seeing it happens! It turns out that to make a BJD is much harder than I imagined :D

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