pigeon pecker mag

by Tobu Oct 30, 2018
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Can I get the STEP files to modify these? Or get a version with Katana release notches on both halves? I'd like it on both sides in case loading a pecker into my primary and that my pistol mag has darts loaded the same way my primary could have been loaded with a pecker mag, as right now the darts would be loaded one way and be able to feed correctly for my piegon as well as my primary

Thank you!

How does the mag work with a drum spring? I've never made my own mags before, and I want to understand how to do it before I spend a bunch of time on it.

You place the drum spring in there like on the attached pic, stretch it out and bend a section over to go into the long slot near the top of the mag. Pull the follower out of the bottom and close up the mag, then let the follower slip inside and put the bottom cap on. You can easily cut the spring in half and use the pieces for two mags.

You may also want to check out Woody's straight feeding version here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3415265

mhp pigeon angled mag kit

What kind of Spring does this take???

a monkee mods spring or (foam blast) drum spring cut in half

Awesome, I was hoping you would say Foam Blast Drum Springs. I just ordered a D-pigeon and I'm gonna have a friend make mags for me once his printer comes in and I'm looking for different types of Mags to use. This one loos great.