Iris Keyboard Case (v2)

by holtenc Nov 1, 2018
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Would this work with the low profile pcb?

Nope. The height of the top piece is designed for MX switches.

Will this work with the rev 3 pcb?

Not entirely sure. I would recommend asking the maker of the Iris PCBs if Rev3 PCB is compatible with cases designed for Rev2.

Just checked out the rev 3 page and it says “Current Iris Rev. 2 cases will be compatible with the Rev. 3 PCB, but the bottom plate needs an additional hole drilled in it for easy access to the reset button“ so I guess it is!

For the pro micros, should I be using the provided pins (keeping the black rubber bits on) for soldering with this case or will that be too high profile?

You must use the spacer. Not only was the case designed around using the spacers, they are also required since a switch is installed directly opposite the pro micro. If you follow the build guide I linked in the description all should be well

Do you remember where you found the keycaps in your photo? I am interested in the black number keys, space bar, and the red ESC key. And where did you order your smd TRRS jacks from? Those are shockingly hard to find (even keeb.io sells the cables, but not the jacks).

Your keyboard in the photo looks great!

The black numbers and space bars are from pimpmykeyboard.com. numbers are white on black ABS and the spacebars are from the 2u blank packs. Dont remember if they are PBT or ABS. The alphas, mods and escape are from my site, PrimeKB.com. If you need specific links let me know. The TRRS are through-hole, not SMD. They came with the PCBs I bought from keeb.io so I'm not really sure where else to source them from

Glad you like the board!

Now since I took another look at the Iris page on keeb.io I see they come with the jacks, diodes, and resistors. I just didn't look close enough at it before, thanks for mentioning that! I managed to snag a set of Iris PCB's yesterday, got an email notification they were back in stock, immediately bought a set and by the end of the day they were back out of stock, so good thing I took action on that email when I got it.

Thanks for the pointers to the sites for the keycaps!

Hi, I am new to mechanical keyboards and would like to build this. Is this tutorial a good one to follow? https://keeb.io/products/iris-keyboard-split-ergonomic-keyboard?variant=8034004860958

Hi. Those are the PCBs I used and here is the build guide: https://docs.keeb.io/#/iris-build-guide

Nice! I have wanted to make an ergo-mech for a while, but I have not found an appropriate one! This is great!