150g Flipper Battlebot

by emancarrillo Oct 31, 2018
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weeeelllll guess what. the turnigy servo in the description is now discontinued and not for sale. what should I do?

I list like 4 other alternative servos right underneath it. . Try any of those. The KST DS215MG V3 can be found everywhere.

oh yah. but will these work as well or should I try to find another turnigy on ebay?

Theyre pretty much the same servo, just relabeled. They should perform almost the exact same.

okay. we just got the servo. looks good. right size. are there any differences we should note before assembling the bot? like any weird things that happen with the frame? we have the drive motors, servo, switch, and one of the flipping arms. looking good.

Nope should be good to go.

should we print spares?

for taking to competition, is carbon fiber 3d print filament enough to survive and take some shots? we will probably use carbon fiber for the whole chassis, and maybe the wedge plates. ideas welcome.

Carbon Fiber Nylon is great. I printed mine on a Markforged in Onyx and its held up perfectly for two competitions. Honestly, ABS or PLA+ is prob good enough too, its a pretty tanky frame.

As for wedges I made mine with 0.5mm Titanium sheet. I cut it out with aviation snips (https://amzn.to/30zsB31) and used a metal hole punch (https://amzn.to/2xLrEbg) for the holes.

okay. do you know how much weight it can flip? is it like bronco from battlebots or can it just tip the other guy over?

Id recommend some type of metal for the wedges if you're doing full combat. Even aluminum flashing is better than printed wedges.

duuuuuuude nice design. can I use it for an attempt at competing in a tournament because my vertical spinner design is not working out very well?

Go ahead, that's the reason I made it.

:) we'll send in videos/pictures of the finished one. do you know if this servo will work with the bot? https://www.ebay.com/itm/TURNIGY-TGY-313C-HELICOPTER-CYCLIC-DS-MG-W-ALLOY-CASE-SERVO-25T-3-5KG-0-08SEC/322915093410?hash=item4b2f3d4ba2:g:duMAAOSw8DJaIO6t
if it does, that'll help because the original one is out of stock....

Not sure that servo will take 7.2 volts.

Look for a KST DS215MG V3 or a KST X12-508

thanks. do you know how many of what we need to print? we have begun to print parts and are on our way :)

You only need to print two of the flipper-arm and the wheel hubs. everything else should just need 1 piece.

thanks! should I print spares?

Only thing I've really damaged in two comps is the integrated wedges on the chassis and those aren't super necessary. It doesn't hurt to have spares of the flipper arms and the servo linkage though.

oh and where did you get the metal wedge plates from? we dont have a CNC mill, so should we just use 3d printed carbon fiber wedges?

okay. bit pricier, but thanks! we'll most likely use the KST DS215MG V3. hope to start printing the pieces. we are most likely going to prototype in PLA, but use Carbon Fiber for the final material. do you have any recommendations for the final infil of the carbon fiber parts? and how many spares of what should we bring to battle? thanks

coolio. do ya know how much weight this can flip?

wooooaaaahhhhh.....was this based off of a real life battlebot? maybe you should make a larger scale one that can flip heavier items like boxes and stuff.

I found it didn't have enough power to self right with a cheap Turnigy 50090M metal gear servo. I elongated the top wedge piece by 14mm and now it can flip itself over. The downside is that it now has a semi-stable configuration sitting on the top + bottom wedge, but a couple wiggles and it will flip onto it's back and then you can flip it right back over.

Pretty fun for coffee table fights :)

That's great to know. Was hoping a cheap 9g servo would make these a cheap classroom kit. Might be able to play with that top wedge shape to find something that works for self-right, but isn't stable.

Building this as we speak! Just had to shave a bit off to compensate my wheels but I’ll upload the photos/videos soon! Thanks man!!

How did the build go?