A Gothick Folly

by Winslow Oct 31, 2018
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Slic3r PE complains that the large top part contains 52 errors (20 reversed factes and 32 backward edges). The errors seem to be auto repaired, however you might want to look into this.

Can you also post a "one piece" file? The beauty of this model lies in the fact, that it can be printed in one part. I want to use it as a demonstration of the capabilities of a 3D printer.

Is there any difference in the small and the large model besides a linear scale factor? If not, I would just scale it to fit my printers maximum hight (around 200 mm)

Thank you so much for this work of art!

You're quite right: I use Netfabb Studio to check the 'printability' of my models, and it did find some errors in the large top part. However, it fixed them and it is now printable. I didn't know that it kept a record of my sins.

The larger model is exactly the same as the smaller model, apart from the addition of some pegs and slots to hold the top part in the correct position. I see no reason why you should not just scale up the smaller model when you print it, - if your printer can cope with the larger size.
Good luck with it.

Do you have a model of just the statue?

I decided not to publish the statue model alone as, although it works fine as part of the Folly model, I do not consider it sufficiently detailed to survive as a stand-alone model, particularly if enlarged. Sorry.

The queen cannot be printed without supports as one of her hand, her chin and a little of her clothes seem to be dangling.
I am trying to figure out a way to print supports just there. So just a model of the queen printed separately would make the whole thing much easier.

The entire model, including the statue, printed just fine entirely without supports in both sizes on my Makerbot Replicator+.

I printed the small version with support by mistake. Don't do it. Its tricky business to remove a big spongy support from the middle.

Does it work without support?