Low-Poly Squirtle

by FLOWALISTIK May 3, 2014
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I have problems printing this .. The tail falls of while printing..

I flipped the normals in blender.

Used a raft and brim ..
Used supports.
Printed fast and slow..

The bed is level the rest of the print is flawless but the tail just comes of while printing and then it print in to nothingness :D

Where did you get that filament?

How did you model this? I want to make a gengar

Hi. I just printed this for a friend. It is awesome! I just want to point out that it is pretty top-heavy, and it doesn't take much to tip it over. This isn't really a problem, but I feel as though it might be useful to someone. Thanks for the sick print, dude!

I am thinking the same :)
I have squirtle and charmander on top of my screen and squirtle is the only one who falls over sometimes!

hey flowalistik, is there a need for any infill?

You shouldn't need more than 10% if you have 2 or 3 inner walls

The normals for this file should be recalculated, they are inside out. This is why this model has failed for so many people. If you flip the normals in Blender, the model is perfectly manifold.

Which slicing software do you use? With Cura, Simplify3D and Repetier it shows that the model is "inside out", but it fixes automatically and prints well.

You'll have to run this through Netfabb or something else to fix it because it is non-manifold or something. Anyway, Simplify3d was able to fix it so I could print it.

Hi, how do you create this low poli design? I've designed a case for an arduino synth and i want to create a low poly faces version. I like a lot this effect. :)

It took 44 minutes for me.

how long does it take to print this?

There is something wrong with the .stl file. I printed it out and it was all support material. When I ran the .stl through Netfabb's .stl repairer the print came out fine.

I seem to have a consistent problem on this print, once it gets up to the layer that bridges the gap between the two legs the outward extrusion of his stomach gets all wavy and doesn't sit flush with the rest of the print until itgets up above his arms then levels out again. So the stomach and bottom of the arms end up all blotchy and wavey, but the rest of the model seems to print out perfectly. I've tryed messing with the settings in slic3r but to no avail. Anything you can think I might need to change to get this printing right? I've seen alot of people have sucess with this model.

The models I design can be printed without support material, but the polygons are in the limit, so any problem will lead to a badly printed Pokemon. I design them and I have some problems sometimes. The solution I found to nearly all my problems is to print slower. This is because there are parts of the models that won't be printed properly if the layers below aren't totally solid.

Each 3d printer is unique, so I can't really help you. What I've discovered when developin this project is that the best way to guarantee a good result is to print slow, sometimes very very slow. I hope this helps!

With the release of 4 new colors of the Z-ULTRAT filament by Zortrax, we bring you a quick look at the possibility 3D printing has in the toy industry. This is where imagination meets reality. With a 3D printer in your home, you can literally catch 'em all.

Check out our video on the great work done by Flowalistik's low poly Pokemon below.


Can't wait to... "literally" get our hands on more of your work!!!

Low-Poly Squirtle

Hey Flowalistick! i love these models! one question! I'm new to modeling and i was wondering what program you use?

There are lots of programs with which you could design this kind of models. I personally use 3ds Max (you have tu purchase a license), but someone told me there was a similar program that also worked. I don't remember the name, sorry. Anyway, this low-poly style is very easy to design!

These models are a HUGE hit with my niece. Thank you so much for creating and sharing them on Thingiverse.

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
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Hey Flowalistik! i printed out twice of this model, there is something wrong at the back of the shell, which it has a funny crack

How is high is the export resolution?

I don't really understand what you're asking, but just in case I will tell you the model has 190 vertex, and there's just one model, the Low-Poly one.

I was asking how high the output resolution for the stl was (its usually an option when you are saving the original model as a copy to the stl format), my printer isn't printing the model as I view it and I haven't ever had this issue before.

I'm sorry but I have no idea what the output resolution is, and I can't help you with this.

Aswesome! Thanks, I'll try it again :)

This is fantastic! I am unable to print with support material so this is perfect. It is better than all the other pokemon prints on here. I'm gonna print it first thing in the morning. Do you think you can make more low poly pokemon please?

Thanks! I am definitely going to make more low-poly Pokemon, I just need some free time!

That's great to hear! I printed it out and it turned out great! The only problem was some drooping where his legs and tail all meet up. But I still think it is amazing! I cant wait for the next one!