Yet Another Raspberry-pi Laptop (YARL)

by sullichr Nov 23, 2018
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I noticed the link with hardware kit isn’t working anymore.Is there a b.o.m. we can follow?

do you know if there are any issues using the 7in Rpi touch screen with this build?

With the touch screen you generally have to have a USB connection and to do that correctly with this setup you would need to route the cable from the inside of the case back to the outside where we have the ports on the back. Because of this it may be difficult to use a touch screen but the design can be easily change to have the pi internal only and not have external ports and then it would lend itself to the touch screen.

Hi, The screen runs off the 3.3V GPIO pins on the RPi to reduce the need to have cabling issues. The screen can have a switch on the left side that turns if on or off as needed when you running the RPi headless. We gave some thought to the internal batteries however it was going to be very limited on space, create yet another thing to charge and increase heat inside the unit. We found using an external battery used to charge your phone or other devices works great and can be used in more the one way remove the list of problems. We are looking into ways of adding batteries but the boards that run the screens are very inconsistent in design and change making it hard to allow users to choose just about any screen they want. Thanks for your thoughts and we will continue to look at ways to add batteries effectively.

where are the batteries