Chiron hotend housing and wire guide

by jangermann Nov 4, 2018
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Hmmm I will be honest to you. I had also big issues regarding the print quality with stock hotend, but in the end its a problem with the bed leveling not even with the hotend itself. In my case I used a water balance to find out how I should level the bed regarding the table the printer stands on. I saw that the heatbed was a little bit bent. But how can this be... my first thought I had, was the alumniumplate .... The tricky thing at Chirons heatbed is, to level the bed parallel to each side to prevent to much tension to one side of the heatbed. This will cause the heatbed to bent e.g in the edges.

It took me about 1 hour for exact measurement and heatbed leveling, and another 2 hours to level the bed with Chirons Autoleveling and fine tune the settings. Now I have perfect results, and I mean realy perfect results also with stock hotend. No stringing or something like that. But this can also be a missconfig in your slicer Software as well (e.g. too early and strong cooling settings or something like that) as you can see attached.


has the hotend be 12v or 24v ?

I reused the stock heating element, it fits the Creality MK8 hotend and probaly more.

This could be a great guide for different mods but it needs to be continued. Actually the STL file only provide a housing for the hotend but they hardly help with the conversion and carriage modifications. Do you think tou can update your work or you are just done with it ?

Well after hotend and extruder change I get great prints. So my work regarding this is finished.
I am working on:
Spool holder with "buildin" wire guide
X motor shield and wire guide
But these will be uploadet seperate.

Why is it necessary to adjust the vref to avoid skipping steps? I don't know much about this stuff I'm just trying to find a cheap way to fix my extruder because the stock one is crap but I don't know anything about stepper drivers or even what vref is.

Because you change the gearing and more power is needed.
I ended up with a extruder motor change. Mounted a Nema17 1.7Amp, it can handle the gearing.

Hmm, why not. But it feels like buying a comfortable car only to remove the navigation and the luxury options because it runs better without.

The Chiron was supposed to be all what CR10 users were trying to achieve through mods. Going to back to a MK6 hotend feels like a huge step back. But I agree that the original Chiron hotend has too many problems.

By the way, I guess you left the original heater and fans because they are all 24v ?

Gathur thanks for your comment. I agree.
I have no idea what hotend is suppose to be the best, newest, the one everybody wants or if it is a upgrade or downgrade, and I really don't care :-) but I do have very good experince with the Creality MK8 hotend, so I did choose that hotend out of personal experince.

Yes you are right, I forgot to mension, I reused original fans, heater and temp sensor.

Anyway other hotends might also work with this STL. There is clerance to the fans.