MyRCCar 1/10 Tesla Model S On-Road / Touring RC car body

by dlb5 Nov 5, 2018
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What scale adjustments i need to use as 1/43 ?

This model is intended to be printed in 1/10 scale and is generaly made by a 1mm thick shell. Scaling that down to 1/43 would be a thickness around 0.23mm and I think is too much thin for normal 3d printers. I think there are other less detailed models here in thingiverse more appropriated for the scale you want...

not sure I sliced correctly, but the rear part of the body will be 361 gram in weight and took 3 days and 11 hours from cura with ultimaker 2 extended +, can you advise?

Hi there Xeeang! Those numbers doesn't sound normal at all... If i'm not wrong the whole body should weight near 500g and can be printed with very little supports. It is mostly a shell. I think printing about 60mm/s (half speed for outer perimeters) in 0.2mm layers shouldn't take more than 15h fpr any of the parts. The model is a little low-poly so i don't think ot deserves printing at 0.1 layer height. Please read carefully the summary as I explain there what should you do before printing... meshmixer is your keyword for that. Please be sure to read that info and tell us if your problems disappeared

Awesome work, I hope to see many models of you are very good.
I'm going to try to print it, I hope I can.

Thank you

P.S. I do not speak English I have translated it with google apologize if it is not understood very well

Hey! Gracias :) Me alegro de que te guste. Ya sabes que para acceder a todas las piezas tendrás que enseñar las 3 principales impresas en subiendo un "make".

Necesitarás una impresora con con un volumen de impresion de al menos 225mm de alto para poder imprimir la parte central. Cualquier duda pregunta por aquí o por privado!


the first part of the mission is fulfilled. A finish is waiting for me, but only later.

Hey Jaroslav! Congratulations for being the first :)

Also thank you for "double posting" your work, I mean as a make and here in the comments!

If you want your photos to be shown in your comments, you can edit it after writing and uploading the photos and use this syntax:

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I'm going to use it now with the link of your attached photo:


Thanks for the printing effort, it is not an easy print, and even harder if you don't have a big enough printer... So one more time congratulations!!! :)

I'm waiting your PM

Great Cool! But my printer is not big enough :(

Hey Lee!
Thanks a lot :) I'm so sorry you can't print it as it is... maybe you can split the biggest central part in two and just glue it very well...
Do you have only 200mm height in your machine or what is your limitation?¿?

It is my printer. the model can not be bigger than 200x200x200; but it is OK, there are many other models from you :p

Hey! Take a look to the upper coment... Maybe you can "slice" the model a little more! :S Don't get afraid of solarj's avatar photo!

Thx Egor! The main white part is printed in 0.2 layer height and a little fast... I hope other makers can do it much better...
I come from outside... the asphalt is a little wet and I have been drifting a lot with it and its also super fast! I hope i can do a video soon when i install the ligthts :)

Awesome looking!
Now I need to order more differentials and dogbones ^^ But first: MyRCCar Buggy/Truggy (can't distinguish them)

Hey Christoph! I'm working now in the lower arms (the short versions) and the front steering system to work correctly with this body. I ordered 4x Mission-D CVDs from Hobbyking and they are extra short but I think they can work correctly. They are about 11mm shorter than the HSP 102015 or 122015. I'm using longer Hex to separate the wheel from lower arm so I have full steering angles. I'm afraid that with 101215 and 122015 longer Hex will be needed too for the same reasons. Probably some clearance "cuts" will be needed too in the body.

About buggy/truggy... in my mind I try to keep the buggy lighter. The chassis is almost the same, just the chassis sides changes. The "Titan shell" (grey) adapts better to high chassis sides, while the lower sides matches the "Frogger Shell". Basically the bigger wheels will make the difference ;)

Muy buen trabajo mis sinceras felicitaciones y en un futuro lo tratare de hacer, muchas gracias por compartir .Mis saludos cordiales.

Hey César! Gracias por tus cordiales palabras :) Estoy con los últimos ajustes del chasis pa que gire como dios manda con los palieres birriosos que he pillado... Ya os contaré...

Looks awesome. Great work.

Kind Regards

Thank you Magnus! Let's see if people want to do it :)

Oh, that looks awesome, might have to go for an on-road car after all :-)
Any plans for also designing a the 2016 nose facelift?

Thank you Francis! I hope you find time to make them all :)

I finished with the tesla by now... anyway, it's made from a free 3d model from 3dwarehouse and there are other tesla models there. Maybe someone in the future continues the tesla work offering different facelifts and configs... who knows!