Skull with Pointed Teeth

by akaziuna Oct 7, 2012
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Many thanks for these. Have had an incredibly good time remixing these as part of a Catacombs themed dungeon.


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I dont know why, but for some reason my pc/printer hate this skull.
I have tried in RepG, Makerware, Simplify3d run it through Slic3r, Skienforge, Cura and no matter what I do it stuffs up. If anyone has a fix for this please let me know.
What it is doing, I slice and either send to printer or SD card which I then put in the printer. Printer goes through its usual startup sequence (its a CTC dual by the way) drops the bed, brings the print head back to its home position (rear right corner against the cutoff switches) then prints the test line along the front of the bed (makerware) and then tries to come off the bed area by moving forward beyond the scope of the box.
What I mean by that is, goes to the very front left corner of the box as far as it will go, then tries to keep going like it thinks my print bed is about 3 times as big as it is. Makes a god awful noise so I cancel the print. The noise is the belt hopping on the control rod.

Other than the test line which only Makerware seems to do, it does the same thing on ReplicatorG, Repetier Host, Simplify3d. Never had this problem with any other print I have ever done.
Tried a few different things to fix it too. I was originally attempting to do a black skull then overlay a larger clear skull over the top just to play around with my transparent filament, thought this might have been the problem (putting two of the same skull on top of each other, my thinking was it was trying to double the distances in the gcode for some reason. This is how I have always done dual prints in the past).
Killed that off, closed the program(s) reset the settings to previous working settings, started a new job and loaded a single skull for single head print. Still did the same thing.
Pretty much ready to give up and try getting a different skull to play with now unless someone knows a solve?

Very nice print without support ..

I made one with high gloss treatment. accidentally i got the marble look green color. the high gloss also pretty well

I made a small one in wood at 40% scale on an Ultimaker at 230C with 10% infill. Nice.

Awesome! I would love to know how it was done. How did you print it in wood on a Ultimaker?  What did you use?  Did you make the filament or buy it somewhere?  

Ah - I didn't realize LAYWOO-D3 was commercially available:
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30552http://www.thingiverse.com/thi.... Now available in 1.75mm: http://www.3dprintergear.com.au/Wood_Filament_1_75mm_p/wood175.htmhttp://www.3dprintergear.com.a... I can't wait to try this out.

Print wood now - with tree rings! LAYWOO-D3 mm filament
by Kaipa

Who much weight is it?

Around 114g when printed with around 25 -30% infill.  However, my kitchen scale used to weigh the moedl is not completely accurate. 

No support is necessary.