Laptop Stand with steampunk gear design

by ericskiff Nov 7, 2008
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Thanks for this, Eric! I just cut one using the Hokusai wave pattern. I had to add a little curve at the top to accomodate the curve on the bottom of my 11" MacBook Air (it was sliding off). I'll post a file with the curve I cut when I have a little more time.

SIR i"m a student of N.I.E MYSORE in INDIA, me planning to design a tripod laptop stand can u suggest me wht r the parameters should be consider for the design.....


Que buen aporte, yo usaba un libro como base, ahora si tengo mas estilo jejejejej

great - thank you!
I did my own Podcast Centric version with slight improvements here: http://is.gd/ntLzhttp://is.gd/ntLz

  • less sharp edges on the bottom
  • slightly longer stands so 15'' notebooks also fit
  • a 90 Degree Angle at the holding area, so the notebook has a smoother fit
  • also made the holding area slightly deeper for a better fit

Cool! It looks like logitech's :)

Thank you so much. I'm going to create one this week.

Excellent ! I will do one for me right away.. Great idea by the way !

Did you planned to do the same for an iPhone ?


Pretty cool, I like the simplicity. I like the steampunk look, but I think it would also look cool with some PCB traces thrown in as well... but I'm no artist.

Awesome idea - the beauty of the thingiverse is that you can hack this up however you like before you cut it. Add traces, etc.