Minimus 45 micro quadcopter frame, barebone open source version

by Robby_R Nov 9, 2018
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Hi Robby, thank you for this great model, saw it passing on the Micro Pliots of the world FB group,
it printed great in PLA, (shrouds are very brittle in PLA, the motors fit like a glove,

I just put it together with fresh E011C motors and E011C FC, running Silverware NFE props out setup.
it seems the shroud's on the open source version are too small, the props hit the shrouds, see picture.

It flies kinda crappy because it has no lift at all, is this normal ?
steering goes great dough, in your YT video it rips pretty nice.

What's the secret sauce for this ?

Could it be my props out NFE setup?

Hello! Thank you for trying my Minimus design. When i saw your picture, i immediately knew what was wrong. You have to mount your propellers upside down on the motors, top first. And because you mount your motors inverted, you have to install clockwise propellers on counter clockwise motors (Black/white wires) and counter clockwise propellers on clockwise motors (red/Blue wires) please take a look at my extensive manual at http://foamdrones.be/Minimus45.html
The shrouds are a very precise print, i understand. You get the best result using a slightly flexible filament like abs. Pla works but can be brittle. I designed the shrouds as they are to save weight. I could design them beefier but it could add a gram of weight to the frame. If you find a good solution, go ahead and share it with the community. It's open source! :-) good luck and happy flying.

Thx Robby!
Silly me ! the props where the answer :-) fly's great, even flips in acro :-)
Had to drill my Santa whoop props, and heated up the shrouds a bit to deform them so the props don't hit them anymore.

You really feel small when flying the Minimus, great feel, can't wait for a windless day and fly this one in acro outdoors.
i will do a reprint in ABS when the shrouds are broken.

Thx again Mr Minimus !

Lovely picture! Feel free to post it in the Tiny Whoop group on Facebook. It may inspire more People :-)
Im glad that everything works well now. Have fun!