Duet 2 Wifi / Ethernet / Maestro enclosure

by technik_gegg Nov 10, 2018
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I love this design. I am planning on installing my Maestro as soon as I get all of this printed.
Two questions;
What is the round connector for the power in?
Would a fan on the top be a good idea? I see the bottom fan channel on several boxes for the Duet, but the chips are on the top side

Thank you.
Yes, the round connector is power in. Have a look at the attached Connectors_pinout.pdf where all the pins a documented.

No, a top fan isn't useful because:

The PCB is designed to transfer heat from the stepper drivers and power mosfets to the underside of the board. Therefore your mounting method should encourage good airflow underneath the board.

I'd recommend you to have a look at the linked page and the Dozuki behind. It contains a lot of information about mounting, wiring and stuff for the Duet boards.

Thank you,
What is the number for the B1 Plug so I can get one?

The design is great, but I have doubts about the connectors and their power rating. Especially if you use standard LPT or RS232 cables.

For example: standard LPT cable (25 pin) is AWG28 and can be too thin for stepper motors (somebody correct me if I am wrong).
Even more so for heaters: hotend is usually 2A and hotbed sth like 10A, so you have to use correct cables and connectors.

You're absolutely right.

The design was never meant to be used with a standard LPT cable, although, those cables (wires) are rated up to 1A, which should be sufficient for stepper motors in the range between 0.5 and 0.8A - RS232 on the other hand usually uses 0.25mm² (AWG24) cables, which should be good for 2-2.5A (rule of thumb: 0.1 mm² per A).

It was meant to use your existing stepper motor cables (usually AWG26 - up to 4A) soldered to a DB25 connector, i.e. you cut them apart, then one side goes into the case and connects the board with the DB25, the other end goes from the DB25 counterpart to the 5pin JST connector of the stepper motor.

As for the hotbed: The MPX connectors are rated to at least 35A (typically 60A) which is more than enough for most hotbeds. If you use a hotbed that exceeds that much current you probably need a separate power supply which is best controlled through a SSR. In such scenario, even the AWG28 would be sufficient enough.

I'm glad you brought this up... I never thought I need to point this out, but now you know folks ;o)

Can you redesign this for the 5" PanelDue screen please? Or post cad files so others can remix it? Thanks.

Did that. See description.

hi there i just got the latest duet 2 wifi board ans 5 inch screen will this fir into your enclosure???good work by the way

Thank you!
The board will but the screen won't - since it's designed for a 4.3 inch screen.

Fantastic case. The attention to detail is readily apparent both on the exterior and interior layouts. You also gave connectivity quite a bit of love, which is an additional bonus. Well done.

Thank you! Glad you like it.

As for the connectivity: I've just added a PDF with a suggested pinout. You know, just in case someone's wondering how to wire it up ;o)