Stranger Things Season One Set

by purakito Nov 11, 2018
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why 2 million triangles? Not trying to be rude... appreciate offering these up for free download; I'm just wondering how something this small needs 2 mil tris. Were they scanned and not cleaned? Some pirate torrent download site? I'm just ignorant and looking for answers.

Hi. You can go to my YT channel to watch my modeling process.
I'm offering High Res models for people who wants to modify without loosing details of the models.
The new uploads I'm offering models with 60% less tris plus the High resolution version too. The older models I'm going to update as soon as I can. Is not scanned I'm modeling myself in Zbrush and 3D-Coat. All models I'm offering in this page is 100% mine nothing borrowed from other models or remixed. Like I said you can watch my modeling process in my Youtube Channel. I respect your opinion and understand why you are asking that. I'm not a newbie in this industry, I work with 3D since the 90s. Like I said I'm offering high res models to people do whatever they want. Of course for people who only wants to print is better to have less tris this is why I'm optimizing the new models and updating the older ones.

ah... i see. Thanks for replying, and nice models!

When I put it to slice the piece is hollow, is it normal?

Sorry but what do you mean?
Let me see if I understand what are you trying to say.
Is always hollow in the slicers, I mean, is a shell like. You need to set the walls and infill. If you want a solid piece then infill is 100%. But 100 is totally unnecessary .
If you're new in 3D printing I highly recommend you to watch some basics about Slicers on youtube.

No, I'm not new at 3d printing. your files have problems slicing with simplify, but that's fine.

Oh, You mean non-manifold issue.
Yeah sometimes simplify have some strange behaviors. And sometimes it doesnt repairs the manifolds.
for example meshmixer brokes the tris of my models too. Is a little tricky. But it can be solved tweaking a little.
Slic3r and Cura dont have these issues its only on Simplify. Even in the new 4.1 still haves these issues.

Experiencing this issue too on Simplify.. I can't dial in my slic3r like I can with Simplify, and I've never used Cura..
Anyone have success with this on Simplify3D? The infill is wonky, and some arms are missing hahaha

Uploaded a fixed version. Please try to download the files again.

thanks for the update! They work great now :)

Los imprimimos y pintamos, quedaron increibles! Buen trabajo!

Y Gracias por seguirme~! ;D