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Star wars the old republic smuggler ship XS light freigher 144th scale

by NovaDenied Nov 11, 2018
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If printed at 144 scale how long is it? What measurements did you base the scale from? Some sources say the ship is 88m long. So 144 scale would be 61cm long? At 270 scale it would be 32.5cm long. I am trying to figure out what to print this at...

I did not do and complex math equation, I just used a 1/72 scale resin kit for reference. This is one link I used, (https://www.hobbyworld.at/homepage/modellbau/science-fiction/star-wars/xs-stock-light-freighter). The ingame model for this ship is way oversized in many peoples opinions. So I scaled it to be roughly double the size of the Falcon, and not 4x the size. Built the model is 11 inches long. Those ingame pictures show how oversized the ship is. Just look how tiny that person is lol.

This is awesome... any idea how much to upscale for SW Legion, or have you just printed it at the stock 1/144?

Its scaled to 144th, at least its what I think 144th should be for it. So if you print at 100% in your slicer of choice, you would be printing at 144th scale. Print at 200% and its 72nd scale. 300% will make it 48th scale and would probably be the size of a small house lol. You will have to cut it up into more pieces though.