large train track switch

by byctrldesign Nov 12, 2018
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I'm looking to make this but I have some questions? Are you pausing the print at 50% to insert the switch slider into the train switch large or are you printing everything all the way and assembling after all the parts are printed?

just print everything and at the end just assemble it together.

NICE work .. my printer is to small but i can print this remix :-)

BUT .. a big thanks to you too, because you made the main version .. thanks !!!!

LEGO double Switch out of 7 main parts, Fits into 20 cm buildplate

Could you make a smaller version of the switch to fit in the 20 by 20 cm wide printers? If yes that would be very nice from you.

I can not make a smaller version. this is the size you'll need for the Lego train. If i make it smaller it will not fit anymore.

I mean a same size version with smaller parts, but I reverse engineered your files and made a version which fits on a 20*20 build plate, it will be a remix of your version, if the First version is good I will publish it.

keep me posted please. If its not working let me now then we can look at it together. how many parts are you making of it?

I wanted to make a 7 part version, 4 switch, 1 65 degree X crossing, and 2 small streights but the first 2 switches are screwed up, connectors do not fit together after finishing, and theres a kink in the switch. I will make another version of it and will publish it to Thingiverse also.

Basicly the second version is now complet, will start a test print and if it fits I will publish every part of it.

wow looks great. curious to see how all the peaces hold together. Why do the connectors do not fit? I had the same problem and then i realist that i had mirrored them instead of rotating them.

keep up the good work .

On my end I had some size problems with the connectors, but now let's get cooking and make the first parts. I will be posting the results of the modification. But I am glad that know it Fits into my printer.

good luck printing

Little update. First successfull switch is done, the X crossing is also good. Have to reprint some parts, and had to remodell the small straights because they where short by 2 studs. If everything goes right today will be everything published.

And heres a picture Why did I remodel everything. It barely fits into the printer but Fits.

It's up and available to download. Here's the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3231002

LEGO double Switch out of 7 main parts, Fits into 20 cm buildplate

you did a great job...

love the way you did this..

I bought an new printer with a 20x 20 size bed.. So for the bigger designs i can check and see if its printable on a smaller bed..

SOOOO COOL!!! Thank you!!