MMU2 underslung control panel

by universaljoint Nov 12, 2018
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Nice enhancement! Fits well, nice and discreet and the 'lenses' make it much easier to see the status LEDS.
Thanks, indeed

Absolutely fantastic upgrade, thank you so much! This should really come as standard, it is clearly superior to the stock solution in every single aspect. Prints very nice in PETG/PETG, much to my surprise (I have some brain damage from MMU1).

Thank you! I needed it for my own sanity in the early days with the MMU2 - it is very gratifying to see it on other people's machines as well. Long live open source hardware!

What a great modification. The only semi-transparent filament I had on hand was some glow-in-the-dark, luckily it works a treat! Needed a little bit of scalpel adjustment near the plug area (the slot was about ~0.5mm too narrow) but after that, it worked great and looks so much cleaner than the stock part!

I highly recommend the prusa team take a look at this mod!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you clarify what you mean by the slot near the plug area please?

Annotated up a picture to describe. I was being aggressive with my first layer and had it purposely down a bit lower than normal (I had been having adhesion problems). That said, I ended up having to whittle more than just a first few layers of "elephant foot" off to make the electronics slot properly.

Thank you for the clarification. Could be overextrusion or that the control board was at the edges of the design spec. Either way it isn't a difficult thing for me to tweak so I will likely do a revision.

That's great! Thank you for taking the feedback and again, this was a great mod. Highly recommend other folks try it out.

Revised version has been uploaded. Decided design was mature enough to be called a version 1.0.

Revised version is up. Decided design is mature enough to be called version 1.0

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This is a great Mod! Thank you! I printed the case in bright green PETG, and the diffusers with some crystal clear PLA at 100% infill and they work wonderfully.

Great mod mate, thank you and from all that use enclosures.

But can i ask what you printed the diffuser's from clear type of material I'm guessing, PETG ?


The diffusers are designed to be printed as an MMU print, which generally means that they need to be printed out of the same material as the rest of the mount. Both my mount and my diffusers are printed in ABS, but PETG would be just as good if not better, and PLA would probably be OK too.

I didn't realize it was prepared for MMU printing! I printed mine as separate parts and just pushed them in with needlenose pliers. It was a perfect fit.
I guess the MK3 has really good dimensional accuracy! :)

Well that's impressive!

I don't think this warrants a remix, but you may wish to incorporate my minor updates with your design. I've chamfered the back of the control panel, and cut down the original legs by 10mm, so that the underside surface of the legs and panel should be pretty similar to the original (for when printing at max height) and the MMU should be in almost the same position and orientation as original.

Thanks for this! I love it. Just posted my make, not fancy but does show the zip tie holders in use -- and they worked just great for me!

Glad you find it useful! Thanks for letting me know about those holders.

Well I printed one and installed it on my MMU2. The LED's now look great, a huge improvement on the original.
Being able to to access the buttons easily now is the main reason I tried this out and I am very pleased.
Thanks for a great MOD / Upgrade. (I posted my Make)

Hey, glad you like it. I haven't printed the latest revision, were the zip tie holders OK?

Great idea, my printer is under a shelf unit so similar problem with access. I will be giving this a try. I will post a make once I get around to printing this.

So far it has been working really well for me. Haven't even considered moving the panel back to where it was previously.

This is cool. Any ideas on making the reset button more accessible? Maybe laser cut diffusers?

I've never used the MMU's reset button under normal operation. The reset button is quite accessible already. Did you mean you were interested in a pushbutton being added to the design?

As for laser cut diffusers - I don't have access to a laser cutter so if that happens it will be someone else doing it -- though I can't really see why anyone would choose to go that route. This is a pretty quick MMU print.

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