CR-10S Sturdified Direct Drive with Hero Me Cooling

by BRUXXUS Nov 13, 2018
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Printed this bad boy in petg overnight. Just finished. Will be installing it and posting a make tonight. It looks as though it'll fit my current duct, "hero me gen 2 dual 5015 fans," but clearance for the left fan is where I am worried. Do you know if the gen 2 will fit the same? Any chance you k ow if the dual 5015 fan duct will find in there, so I dont tear it all apart and need to put it back together to print a new duct. Thanks for the remix of the two design,. Excited to get direct drive, and I have lots of issues getting a good extrude on tpu. Thanks!

Hi there!

I'd not even seen this Gen 2 before.

The problem with the dual 5015 is that I'm pretty sure the left fan wouldn't fit due to the stepper motor mount. I looked at mine from a few angles and not sure it'd be possible.

If you could somehow mount the motor 180* turned it would fit, though. The actual blower pipes should fit, but wouldn't with that left fan installed.

Oh cool, I have been looking all day for a good stock parts direct drive setup. Are there assembly instructions anywhere?


I definitely should have included some sort of installation guide.

I went ahead and updated the page with a guide.

It's kind of a wall-o-text, but should give pretty much everything you should need! :)

Thanks a lot! Any chance you could update this with the mounts for the Hero Me sensor modules. As I would like to get an ABL in the future and as I haven't printed this yet it would be nice if I didn't need to reprint later.

That's definitely something I've been meaning to do!
I've actually done another remix of a cooler I want to try, and it has mounts for ABL too. Only downside it that I think it'll require a few non-stock screws and a 5015 fan. But I actually like the design a little better. I'll see what I can do for adding the ABL mount to this in the meantime! ;)

and where is stl to cooling fan?

Sorry! Should have linked that.


You can choose the stock version or the one for the 5015 style there.

Hero Me Fanduct for Ender's and CR's 3D Printers (Ender 3, CR-10)

and where is file to cooling fan?

I'm really diggin' this thingy! Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that this simply uses all the CR10 parts (except for different fans for the hot end and part cooler), but just relocates them to live on the gantry with the hot end, instead of that long bowden tube connection the stock setup utilizes? Sorry - I've been away from the CR10 "scene" for several months, and I haven't kept up with much of the latest whiz-bang things you smart guys are doing with this printer.

That's exactly right! Removing the bowden tube theoretically helps improve print quality by taking some of the slop out of the extra movements and retraction length.

This should help with printing flexible filament and should allow for faster printing with better quality!
I'm still tweaking all my Cura settings, but so far it's working just as well as the stock setup. Just want to make sure everything on the frame is nice and tight and sturdy, since it's adding more weight to the carriage.

Really gotta hand it to the original designers of each part, though. I kind of just stuck them together into one. Although, I did test a lot of other options.

I also wanted to be able to use all stock hardware.

Really cool, Luckily I have the same noctua fan. Im going to print this out and try it out.

Awesome! Let me know what you think! :)

I don't have any auto bed levelers... yet, so I haven't added the little indention for that add-on, but I think it'd be pretty easy to add that feature.

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