Luke Skywalker Lightsaber : 8 Component, Super easy to print, Minimal support needed

by infinati May 13, 2014
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Print at 95% for "actual size" based on canon - aprox 11" in length

First of all, congratulations! I LOVE this model!
But I had some problems printing it. The holes were not connecting! As I see more people have the same problem, so I tried fixing it: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3182177 . I hope this helps!

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Remix - Connection Holes Edited

hey dude, i would like to make it a pool noodle sword, can you at something like a cork screw or something to the top, such a pool noodle will hold onto it, my son would totally love it, if we can saber battle in the pool :) ty mate or make it a .stp file so i can redo it myself

Are the measurements of this hilt the same as the Master Replicas hilt? I have a Master Replicas ROTJ sabre, my son lost the back end of the sabre which also has the battery pack :(

Unfortunately no as I made this by just eyeballing it. Sorry to hear about the back end of your sabre getting lost though :(

Thank you....I have 3 MR LightSabers, this weekend I am going to start work on designing a wall mount which I intend to be modular in design so you will be able to add more than one saber to the bracket, another feature that I am looking as is an integral mains supply which will allow sabers whilst mounted on the wall bracket to be powered by the mains as a lamp display.

Wow, what douchebags. There seems to be people on etsy too. Guess I'll have to design a better one now and sell them as opposed to sharing them to the community :P

Complain to ebay and etsy, they should remove them. :/

Just finished this light saber turned out amazing

The scaling is inaccurate.
The top parts need to be a bit larger same with the control panel.

Yeah I just eyeballed it back in the day. Several years later my modeling skills are way better so maybe it's time to make a screen accurate version :D

I printed the bottom half before I realized it was too big, its oversized, like the toy version. Its larger than the original, but, everything else is good.

Printed this out and the holes weren't big enough to fit the tabs on the other piece. tried to dremel the holes bigger but the whole thing ended up fitting somewhat crooked. Perhaps this could be revised in the files.

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Remix - Connection Holes Edited

Same here! I just finished printing several of the pieces and none of them fit together properly.

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Remix - Connection Holes Edited

The holes in my prints arent big enough so the pieces arent connecting

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Remix - Connection Holes Edited

Hi, this is a really great design!
I was wondering how you created the base of the handle? Did you use the revolve feature in Solidworks?
Thank you!

I did the whole thing in 123D Design. Never used the revolve tool. Just drew 2D shapes and extruded them :)

I was wondering if there was some way I could fill these with a weight of some kind, that would make it feel heavy. I thought about filling it with sand somehow, does anyone have any advice on how I could go about this?

I read a technique once where someone woul drill a hole in their part and then inject hot glue through the hole. It made the part heavier and stronger.

Maybe you can experiment with that and let us know how the results were :)

Almost got all the parts printed out but I have had 2 print failures on 2 different parts that basically failed in the same spot. On parts a 1 and 3 it's like my nozzle clogged after the first 1-2 layers of the smaller cylinder that rests on top. It's really bizarre because it shouldn't be that much of a challenge for the printer to handle.


That's weird... There seems to be something going on somewhere. The model seems fine as others have printed it no problem. Perhaps the slicer? After you slice it, have you checked the model to see if it sliced correctly?

Started working on printing this out. Wondering if the overhang on part 5 needs supports or not. Not sure if my slicer will build the tool path in a way to handle it or if I need to point a fan at my printer during that part to help solidify it as it prints.

I would suggest some support on that part

I tried printing with supports but I have trouble getting Cura to generate supports on small overhangs for some reason. I attempted to print it without the supports and an extra cooling fan but it came out a little gnarly. Going try breaking part 5 into 2 pieces so I can get a cleaner print.

Ok, let me know how it goes :) Personalyl I use kisslicer which seems to do the trick

do you know what the diameter is of the final tube opening on the top piece, planning on trying a plastic tubing in the top, maybe lights...

So as I am printing Part 1, my plastic starts to bend upwards as it cools. This bend slowly gets worse as it gets taller until the build gets ruined. So I am wondering if this is an issue with my settings or is there a better kind of plastic that I should be using?

Sounds like a warpage issue due to a temperature differential. This can be caused by many things and it will require you to trouble shoot it. Google up 3D Printer Warpage and that should get you started on the right track

can you print it whole

If your printer is large enough, I don't see why not if you fuse all the pieces together.

The holes are smaller than the shaft it slides into. Do I need to drill out the hole bigger? Thank you

Sounds like a problem with your printer calibration as the holes should match perfectly. If it's not too far off, you should be able to drill out the holes, or alternatively carefully warm up the dowel section and jam it into the hole. Be careful though, as it may warp that way ;)

Great design! Almost a perfect match to the original! I had fun putting this one together. Thanks!

Glad you had fun and you're very welcome :D

I'm using a DaVinci 1.0 and it came out relatively well, I had trouble with part 4 while printing. It wouldn't stick to the bed for some reason, so I put paper on top of it and it worked pretty well. Thanks for the awesome lightsaber.

You're very welcome and I hope you enjoy your lightsaber!

Printed this on my Up Mini and it came out beautifully. Great detail, easy to print, fits together well. Thank you infinati, I will post photos when I get it cleaned up and painted.

Glad that you like it, and looking forward to seeing your completed build :D

Can this be made with the m3D micro printer?

I'm not familiar with the printer type but as long as it fits in the bed...

Comments deleted.

what are the dimensions

Honestly it's been so long I forget ^_^

what is the best layer height to print this at?

If you would like a nice finished look I would suggest 0.1mm

Thank You for the design.

I heated up the nuts with boiled water, so I could push them together.

Now I will make a version with hollow for a green laser and a mount for a plexi tube. Maybe a 1.5m log will be enough. :-D

Ohhhhhh please post pics with the green laser when you finish! That will be super awesome to see :D

I was questioning around the Laser light. I'm afraid it wont work but still I wait for an expert to answer.
Now I think I will use extra strong green leds (maybe 4 or five) to light up the plexi tube.
Work in progress... :)

This is a great design. I made some small modifications (detailed them in my "make" entry) but really liked the original overall. Printed it at high quality on a FlashForge Dreamer, using PLA and taking advantage of the dual extruder to get some color combinations. Great modeling work, Infinati!

Thank you! I am very happy you like it :D

I printed it but the tollerance for the pin is too tight you should enlarge it a bit more

have you got this with it hollow ? i gona put a green laser inside it to make it like the real one need room for a batt and switch if you done can i have the cad drawings so i can mod them

Sorry, I don't have a version that is hollow on the inside. The green laser idea you have is cool though. You could always go the old fashioned way and modify the lightsaber after it's printed :D

Love this piece! Is there any way that part 4 can be split down the middle longwise? I'm finding I'm spending a ton of time cutting off supports, and I'd hate to damage such a beautiful piece.

Use can use NetFabb (free version) to do cuts on stl models. It would be easy to slice these in half lengthwise with it.

Thanks. I've figured out how to split the parts, now I just have to figure out how to align them so they are next to each other and flat. I'm sooo green at this.

Have you tried printing it without the supports going above the first few mm? I made sure to have the angles on that piece designed in such a way that they can be printed without supports. Works great on my ultimaker clone. Give it a shot :D

I tried printing it without supports on my Polar 3D printer, but it wouldn't print once it transitioned back up on that first v groove.

Looks great, thanks for sharing your work.

great design, I'm printing this now...thanks...

Oh hey, that's a pretty good suggestion! Thanks for the feedback. I can incorporate that in a future design. Hope your friend enjoys the work you produce and please post pics of your end result :D

This thing is awesome! If I had the talent, I would separate the pieces a little more, so I could print them in the proper colors. Most especially the 5th and 6th pieces. I will still enjoy detailing one of these for my Star Wars maniac friend. Thanks!

Oh hey, that's a pretty good suggestion! Thanks for the feedback and I'll incorporate that in a future design. Hope your friend enjoys the work you produce and please post pics of your end result. It makes me happy knowing that other people are making something I designed :D