Eiffel Tower for Creality Ender 3/Pro with no support.

by XRONOS Nov 24, 2018
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That's a very neat print for a .2 resolution.

Giving this a shot today. Says it will take 13 hours in Cura which probably means about 16 total..

can you share an image on the final print ?

How do you remove rafts from the Ender 3 after printing because i need help.

The Gcode on the files doesnt fit in Ender 3... thx anyway

It fits. lol There are too many liars disguised as true sayers.

hey i need help because i just did a print but this happened.

How do you get the print to stick to the plate because it’s coming off the plate and think you could help me on leveling the plate because I’m so confused

Can you help me with getting used to the printer because I can see your a pro and I want to print this but I’m confused on how to level the plate and is it normal for the extruder to be off the bed when you do the auto home

Auto home will point the extruder just off the left bottom edge, yes. That is because it is homing the Z axis, and if it did it with the bed underneath it it could potentially hit the bed with the nozzle.

As for leveling the bed, unfortunately it is not uncommon for the ender3 to have a slight warp in it. If that is not the case for you, the way I level my bed is autohome, then turn the machine off so all the steppers disengage. Then I move the print head and the bed around and adjust the bed until the nozzle grips a thin sheet of paper underneath it between it and the bed. You'll want to get it the same distance on all 4 corners and in the center of the plate if possible.

Turning the bed screws from left to right compresses the springs causing that corner to lower, and from right to left decompresses the springs causing it to raise. Remember when you adjust 1 corner it will cause the opposite corner to move a little so you need to make 2-3 passes to get a proper level.

Did you use cura to slice your model and do you mind sharing your profile for comparison?

Yes, it would be really interesting if you would share the profile settings.

Can you share your S3D profile? That is one clean print!