1.25" Vacuum Drill Dust Collector #2

by makersendinfo Nov 16, 2018
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Damn cool. Gonna try this mounted upside down facing up on my drill press and with a minor modification my band saw.

Oh! I hadn't even thought of that; I might try the same thing now. Interesting idea.

It works well, but I find myself having to tape down the front. Maybe a larger disc? Using a little tape is a minor inconvenience to breathing in Quartz dust when I have to vacuum up the pile, so no real complaints here.

Could you describe the issue more explicitly? We have no problem doing some redesign work on it (and need to for one of our needs anyway :) Is it not sticking to the wall?

Comments deleted.

I may try to attach this to the business end of my laser to see if it reduces smoke on the finished pieces. The bigger problem is on the back side of the stock, so it may not help. But worth a try, right?

I'd probably go a different route for that (or just a fan across the surface like on our Epilog; it's enclosed to it's a sucker rather than a blower). I think you'd want a top-mount inlet, smaller "dust disk" surface area, and a deeper disk. The other issue will be carriage stability, depending on your cutter, since it'd have to support the weight of the hose as well. I'd probably just try a small fan either sucking or blowing, but even on the Epilog, there's a small amount of post-processing necessary to get rid of the wisps.

We have cutting air. It keeps the lens clean and helps with the smoke, and we have a ventilation fan. So we have blow and suck, it's just insufficient sometimes. Our laser allows stock out of the back and front, so it isn't as sealed as the epilog lasers I've seen. This would be a cheap thing to try. If it doesn't work, nothing really lost.

Yup! Although I'd still shoot for something a little narrower and deeper. Let us know if it works (or doesn't), though; it'd be worth printing something out built-to-purpose for things like that if there's a generic-enough way it could be done.

The pass-through must be pretty handy.