Star wars: Legion B-1 droid

by Foba Nov 16, 2018
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I'm hoping you work on an Old Republic era army.

this is something i would print on SLA printer the arms are just to thin to be printed on either file (1st or second) I'm using an ender3 and have printed this 7 times upscaling it as i go and trying different profiles. but the two thin bars it uses as a forearm are thinner than the actual support used to print. and just pop off. :(

sorry, just a detail but the B1 droids have the E-11 gun and the original ones have E-5 blaster

True, didn't find a decent E-5, so went with the e-11 instead.


Just tried printing the parade formation. Many of the limbs were too thing to print properly at 37mm tall. I am going to try the "2" files to see if those work better. If they do any chance of getting the parade formation in the same style?
I am using a CR-10 with cura.


2 files uploaded of everything. If you print these, do shoot me a comment how they turned out( or post a make :)), as I can't print these myself until my replacement part turn up int the mail. :)



I'm in the middle of tinkering with the files, the simply are too thin. I'll upload the as soon as I can. New years eve is going to be some downtime, but I'll get on with it as soon as I can :)


Do you have any recomendations for the supports? I am using an ender 3 and using cura to slice. I am amazed with the detail i can get. THis is a beautiful STL thank you! the only issue I am having is with the supports. The supports are almost as thick as the actual droid haha. Any help would be appreciated.


Cr-10 with 3.6.0 cura here. Same Gripe as you, the supports are killing me. Trying to upscale it a bit on the Z and X axis, will post an update when I get something useful done.


Overall they are great. I am not having much difficulties with the main body nor really the legs. I was going to go through and try editing these but my knowledge on this is lacking. Also maybe making the heads seperate might be helpful?

I honestly wouldnt mind the droids being "beefier" than the movie ones. I am no button counter (; If I can be of any assistance please let me know (:

Actually you could. My printer nozzle got clogged yesterday and I won't be able to print anything until my replacement arrives.

I have uploaded two "2" files of a pair of droids that should be a lot beefier. If you could try printing them, it would be a big help.

Cheers :)

That's terrific! What a great remix.

Thank you :)