Bowden Direct Extruder for 1.75mm filament

by shuttl3d May 6, 2014
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hello! How many steps for mm it use?

Hello. Been looking for a 1-screw tension extruder for a while, but I see you use some gear I don't have.
Any plans on making one for MK8 bit?

I see some recommend driving bowden tube all the way to the gear like E3D recommend. It see how it can be usefull, but you can also risk the tube getting pulled in by the filament-bit and ruined.

I downloaded the version of this extruder that you have on github. When I put it in repetier it's all messed up and missing parts. I would really like to print the one you have on github as well as the mirrored version for a dual extruder setup that I'm building. Thanks.

Hi! we recommend to use this service to repair the damaged STL: https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/
Maybe, it will be easier to download the Sketchup files and generate your own STL (it's very easy :) )
If you don't get it, let us know and we upload the good files. Thanks to you!

We had little "jerks" in the extruder engine. To solve the problems with the torque , we used a DRV8825 stepper driver and we cool it with a fan. Now works without problems!
The extruder motor works only with two screws, no problem. We tested it and everything seems fine.
We have already indicated that it is a remix of your extruder, sorry for not doing it before.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Currently I am using an A4988 and it is getting quite hot if I turn it up wide enough to reduce skipped steps. It's no problem with a heat sink and active cooling. Is there a huge difference between A4988 and DRV8825 according heat output?

The major difference between our old driver (A4988) and these new is that DRV8825 has four layer PCB and thermal dissipation plane; for this reason, heat dissipation is better. Also these drivers give more power than A4988

Sounds like I should give them a try, at least for the extruder ;-)

We only use it (DRV8825) for the extruder steppers; for the other steppers it's not necessary :)

Hi shuttl3d. Thanks for sharing your remix of my extruder design. I'm interested in your experiences with your version. Do you get enough torque with such a large drive gear? Do you have to crank up your stepper driver heavily? Does the motor mount work with only two screws? Btw, would you mind setting your design as a "remix"?