Multicore Cable Peeler

by enif Nov 18, 2018
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Works great. Also, if you use a long bolt to attach the disk, you can put a stiff spring on it before you screw on the nut and you can then rotate the disk without unscrewing the nut. For a picture, see https://www.thingiverse.com/make:639204

Multicore Cable Peeler

Thanks a lot for designing this and sharing with everyone. Such a simple thing really, but it works so great I was surprised. I like to re-use/re-cycle/re-purpose so this makes using old cables a breeze. Posted a link on https://www.reddit.com/r/upcycling for you.

Nice - thanks for posting the link!

PS: BTW feel free to also post a photo of the cable peeler (you can take it from thingiverse) with your link, so that people have an idea of how it looks when reading your post...

This printed nicely. I don't have any blades yet, so I can't comment on it's utility. However for those interested, I printed in PLA on a heated bed at 0.20 layer height and the energy consumption was 0.41 kWh.

Printed this, works great.

Thanks! I am glad it works :)

This is great, thanks for posting it. I have another project running, but this will be next on the printer and will post a make. The cooling tower idea is something I may need to have a look at for some of my things too.
Are you are using 30 degree blades (that's what they look like)?

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it's a standard 30degree small (9mm wide) blade which is found in most small office cutters.

Cool thanks, will pick some of those up and post a make when it is done (on the printer now).

Bummer, print failed (nothing to do with the model though), will get back to it later.