DooM Cyberdemon sculpt

by elgambitero Oct 12, 2012
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Could you make a smaller model for this so it can be pruned on a makerbot mini just size wise so it fits in the build area

I'm not familiar with the Makerbot 3D printing software (is it called makerware, I think?), but I'm pretty sure you can resize the model with it, when you place it on the tray.

Anyway, there is an additional file with the model cut by parts, that can fit in even in a 10x10 tray with not so much hassle. It's easier to build that way, because you do not need to rely on support material to get a good finish. You just print it and glue it together. That's how I built mine.

Why don't you mak some other doom demons like the Barron of hell and some other demons

I'd love to, but I lack the talent, and the time.

This scuplt was made by looking to the cyberdemon script chart of the original doom, and took me the whole summer holidays to get it right so far.

This summer I don't plan playing around with sculpts, but if had time, I'd try making a pinky, or a baron.

I removed the Non-commercial license from this sculpture, so now a commercial use of it is permitted as long as you credit me as modeller, and share with the same license (This is, CC BY-SA).

BADASS! I still play Doom regularly. Nicely done man!

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Impresionante, ¿sabes que tipo de imprimación usó?

La primera que encontré, en una tiendecilla de modelismo. Era de color blanco y espesa, para tapar las capas, y luego le dió una capa de pintura negra mate.

Esa pintura era suya, y no se cual es. Tenía un aspecto terroso al tacto.

He de decir que se hizo en PLA, y que el PLA se dejaba pintar bien con cualquier cosa.

Solo puedo decir que es GENIAL!!!!! muy buen modelo. Lo imprimi y quede fascinado :D bastantes detalles.
Me encuentro en proceso de pintado. A pesar que no soy bueno en eso :P.


:D!!! Gracias!!!

Me alegro mucho de que te guste!

Cuando termines de pintarlo busca un momento para postearlo en "made", que me encanta ver cómo la gente se lo imprime :D

Did you print it with ABS or PLA? Painting PLA it's very difficult if it's not smoothed first.

It was printed in natural PLA, and then coated with some spray primer. The paint stuck to the model correctly, I didn't even think that would be a problem.

I don't have bad experiences painting PLA, but I can't recall if I ever made a work without primer.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply.

I have one more question
Did you do some sanding?


Nice I grew up with doom :) rock on.

how did you paint this? really good job!

It was painted by a friend of mine.

After applying primer and base color (black), she painted the brown zones with an almost dry paintbrush (of a slightly large size) so the brown paint would stick to the outer zones of the muscles of the monster, leaving black in the background.
Cables were painted one by one, and metallic parts were painted directly, with no special technique used.

I'm happy that you like it. :)

Ok, this is awesome.  I loved Doom so much as a kid.  I will have to see if I can create some 3d models.  You know what would be awesome? Mecha Hitler from Wolfenstein 3d!

Oh man, I saved up for so long to buy 8 Megs of RAM (89 bucks at the time), ordered it, rode my bike for miles to pick it up in town, and put it in my Packard Bell 486 DX2--Just so I could play Doom without first booting up in DOS. This is awesome; brings back all the memories of being a young nerd.

Same here, I was lucky to have a DX4-100 ! upgraded to 8 Meg of Ram,


There you have it, painted. Hope you like it.

I'm 8 years old again :)

Nicely modeled!
I think sculptris is very under appreciated.
It really makes modeling organic forms
fairly easy.
looking forward to seeing more of your work!

It's so easy to model on Scluptris, but I consider I had a lot of luck with this one.

I'm happy that you like it. :]

It's a RepRap, you insensitive clod!

The only purpose for displaying the printer on the main photo was showing the cyberdemon coming out from it. 
I didn't even think that Thingiverse would be mad for displaying a Reprap on the main photo.Anyway, I'm painting it, so I'll change the main photo when its done. I hope you like it.

Don't remove the RepRap from the photo. You should be proud of it. This is not a Makerbot only site. You will find that many people who own a Makerbot also own a RepRap. You will find all sorts of different printer types represented on this site. Makerbot was born from RepRap originally anyway. 

Hey, I like your main photo precisly as  it is! :) I'm looking forward to see photos of your painted cyberdemon!

Maybe I should point out to the general audiance that the paraphrased "insert-correcting-statement, you insensitive clod!" is a meme from slashdot:

"Some users will also refer to seemingly innocent remarks by correcting
them and adding "you insensitive clod!" to the statement – a reference
to a February 14, 1986, Calvin & Hobbes cartoon[53] or the 11th season The Simpsons episode, Last Tap Dance in Springfield,
wherein Frink exclaims to Homer, "I was merely trying to spare the
girl's feelings, you insensitive clod!" Users will also typically refer
to articles referring to data storage and data capacity by inquiring how
much it is in units of Libraries of Congress.[54]
From --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashdot#Culturehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Should I change the main picture or something?

 Well, its certainly not nothing wrong with your work, that's for sure.

I actually really thought it would be featured within a day, I mean its awesome. I can tell from the revisiting shivers I had way back when. There is also no intellectual property issue with it, as its an interpretation.

 sorry, I would hope that wouldn't be a factor.
I would hope models are featured for less mercenary reasons!

Seems like that hope we share was naive?

Does the sculpture and/or files lack quality in a artistic or technical(?), obviously not. Very suspicious or at least really strange that it's not featured.

Maybe they are just waiting for me to paint it...

 Oh wow! That is really something to be inspired by! Thanks for sharing the painted pics! :)

Now it's even more strange that it's not featured, though. But screw 'em.