Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

K8200 Dual Z concept

by Xmosh May 7, 2014
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Was planning something very similar, but then with the steppers on top, increased frame and X-asis move on the extruder...

Looks promissing!

Looks good. Have you checked so that the arm can go down far enough when you mount the stepper so high? I gues the they go inside the z plates? If you would make a bigger bracket for the horizontal beam I gues you could use the standard beam?
Good clean idea anyway!

Your gues is right , stepper motor shaft coupling goes inside z plates so high motor mount doesnt effect linear movement of the Z-carriage. I gues by beam you mean aluminium profile of the extruder arm. Brackets are made so original profile is long enough. I need to design new brackets as they could handle the weight of the extruder because way they need to be printed. I probably need to buy trapezoid screw as threaded rods rarely straight enough.

Are you removing one of the 90 degree brackets on the base of the z stage? if so maybe the new motor holder aslo should act as a support for the z stage.

Yes that 90 degree bracket is unfortunately in way. currently i'm modifying that part as well. version one was just test piece so i could test concept in practise. I have uploaded new model of extruder arm holder.

I very much like your idea. what do you think about mounting the z steppers on top/upsidedown like the mendel any many others?
Something like this http://postimg.org/image/b8jj0jsll/http://postimg.org/image/b8jj0... there is plenty of space for it.
That way we wouldn't loose any structural strength on the Z-stage.

That is not bad idea. Its worth trying at least. I will post updates as i get parts finished and tested.