Tyranno-Scratch-Us Rex: Printable T-Rex Backscratcher

by visigoth May 7, 2014
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The pole connectors in mine kept snapping despite being gentle. Very frustrating. The screw heads could be a tad smaller in circumference to fit better. The Dino head is great though. Has nice sharp teeth to get those stubborn itches.

need help to configure on slic3r .. very deformed, the slic3r is literally slicing the head of the poor dino. does anybody can fix the stl to work on slic3r?

Do you have a recommendation for infill percentage and number of shells? Thanks! Excited to try this.

I was using the default settings in MakerWare for PLA at Medium resolution (2 shells, 10% infill). I would highly recommend using the "test print" section of the pole to optimize the settings for the connection. See the instructions tab for more comments on assembly of the poles.

I would like to make this but slic3r doesn't seem to like the skull.

I used MakerWare and I didn't notice any issues (sorry, I haven't tried to work with slic3r yet)
The only difference between this skull and the original MakerBot post (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:308335) is the addition of the threads at the base of the skull. Can you tell where slic3r is hanging up? If you try to slice the original skull does it work? If it's the thread portion that is causing issues, I did post two versions that have different thread angles. Perhaps one would slice better than the other.
Good luck if you try again!

The T-Rex Skull

I gave up on Slic3r. I'm using Simplify3D now. It is printing right now. I will upload it when it finishes.

I went with the angled skull for the make shown here. The connection to the skull is not perfectly flush. I will probably end up adding a small amount of epoxy putty to make sure it doesn't break at that connection point.

Update: In Version 2 of the skull STL file, the angle of attachment was changed to give a little more "bite" as a backscratcher.