Hanomag Pack Ultimate

by TigerAce1945 Nov 21, 2018
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Got my printer working just in time!

This is just plain awesome! Lets print gentlemen

cracks knuckles time for a German brigade.

Amazing Pack! I'm looking forward to test an early variant in FDM. Thank you for your fantastic work!

Fantastic stuff as always!!! I could never create something like these!! Would it be possible to make so the treads and tires are separate so i can get a better print. I don't have a great printer (weistek wt200, all i could afford) and it makes it easier to remove the supports.
Again, fantastic stuff!!
Many thanks

honestly i think it would be impossible to do this now. there are around 45 different hull files in this pack. i would have to remove the tracks and wheels of all of them one at a time. I would say 15-20 hours minimum to do that. that being said, you should post a topic on either the world at war group (https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/the-world-at-war) or the ww2 3d printing facebook. there are plenty of people on there who can give you a easy tutorial on how to remove wheels and tracks in mesh mixer or equivalent. maybe you can remove the tracks for just the hulls you wish to print.

Thanks for the quick response, i didn't think it was an easy task to do but i was merely making a suggestion for possible future endeavors. Until i can afford a better printer, i will either have to print them at an angle so i don't lose the treads and maybe try and slice off things like the antennas and long guns to print separately. You do make some very exceptional stuff and i wouldn't have a clue on how to go about making them. Maybe you could do some tutorials using your program on how you make them? I would be interested on seeing the process and how you have figured out the best ways to assemble and design these.
Thanks again for your assistance.
Keep em coming!!

I used to separate tracks and wheels but i found that it greatly over complicated things. Not only did it balloon my model folders on my hard drive but i found that no one cut seems to work for all printers. It just seemed easier to let the users cut the models the way they wanted so that they best worked for their printer. on top of this i switched to a DLP printer. DLP printers work better when the model is in one piece, so i found myself constantly having to put the model together in an assembly in-order to print them. it was not fun

I thought about recording some tutorials but i don't own any recording software and i feel that their really isn't much i can bring to a tutorial that hasn't already been covered in the thousands of you tube tutorials out their