by BREXIT Nov 21, 2018
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This is a great looking piece, and I'm about halfway through, but I have a question. On the wing sections I get a slight warping of the part. Is there any way I can keep that from happening? Using an anycubic photon, green resin, 8 bottom layers @ 80seconds, 10 sec exposure, medium auto supports by chitubox. Could someone point me in the right direction? It's not just this model either, but many things with large flat panels. Thanks!!

what scale is it modeled to be? at 100% file size

Wonderful model! Could you share the pilot model as well?

Brrrt is so hot right now.

awesome release man thanks, is that enforcer esque model available anywhere it looks great

sorry im afraid not. it is apart of my private collection.

Thank you so much for the added files!
Now everything is much easier! Great model. I love this theme very much! :-)

this modele is incredible, i love it

All your models is masterpiece. I very like it. I hope to see technical crew, which I can see in some demonstration photos. Hope to see many beautiful models in future.

I think yes. A model with very high potential. :-)

Gorgeous model! Very detailed and high quality traced. I love these models!
Is it possible to remove weapons from the wings for printing separately? Very difficult printing for FDM printer. I do not want to lose the magnificent drawing of small parts in service. And in the current version it will be very difficult to separate the support.

curious.,.. what alignment are you printing the engine in? i was going to stand it on end so the blades come out, but im worried about the exposed conduit now.

I put the engine upright. Nozzle below. Turbine above. I'm typing on a raft. Slicer FlashPrint sets up nice support in automatic mode, but I add more support for the pipeline and the landing support in manual mode. I print with a resolution of 0.08.

i have added some files for you

I'm a bit fatigued from modelling atm, I'm sure someone will remix it soon.

Stuka Blyat! Amazing work as always!

Did you model this? awesome.

i was modelling from scratch but then a mate gave me an existing file to work from, it was unprintable and the mesh needed A LOT of work. took 2 days to fix this this up. i plan on adding cockpit interior at some point for those that want to print the glass in clear resin or use transparent plastic sheet.

any chance to see a cockpit interior ? (hint : print the canopy in clear resin)

it is entirely possible ;) not for a little while though

love your detailed models

thank you :)

This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I can see a lot of uses for such a cool vehicle.

cheers :) it is my favourite flyer