by 3DKitbash Nov 23, 2018
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I just printed one of these at 150% and .15 layer height and the detailing came out really nicely. Everything printed and connected no problem, first try, and I've got to say I'm super-impressed with all the clever touches evident in the design -- like the various versions of the snap-voids that allow different degrees of motion, the ridges at the waist and neck to reduce the contact surface for smoother rotation, and that little negative ring around the facial "lens" that really makes it look like a separate/embedded piece, not to mention how much detail this packs into a design with no supports necessary. This might be the best all-round model/toy for printing I've ever run across. Rock on 3DKitbash!

As soon as I can get "Sophie the orange robot" away from the toddler (who named it thus and then took it to bed, natch) I'll post a make, assuming she survives. I don't think it was meant to be a child's toy, but it's not like it was up to me, lol. Stress testing go!

We made this the Thing of the Week for episode #265. Thanks for uploading!

Nice Model. I am planning on printing it, but I was looking for the blue wings in the second photo. Which file is that?


Edit: It's not WING or FEATHER or Technic. I don't have an STL preview program and my computer is a slow at loading each file...

Edit 2: Never mind I found it on the website...

I printed this, but all the pins were very tight. I needed to use pliers to get them in. And in the end, both wrists failed. They split open the same way...

I printed the pins and accessories on my smaller printer, but with a new brand of filament I have not used before (Hatchbox Premium PLA Blue). The rest of the body is with my larger printer and a spool I have been successfully using for the last two weeks on the small printer but just moved to the larger printer (Solutech PLA Silver).

What should the exterior dimensions of the pins be? The ones I printed are 6.50 mm wide and 3.80 mm high.

Thanks for sharing this cool model! I am gonna give it a shot. One small request: Could you update the description with the names of the files needed to print the guy in the picture? I see the head, body, arms, and legs - but I am not sure about the connectors and hands!

Wow you're back to thingiverse! Btw--I'm not sure your skull wars series is up--why is that?

Hey there, Demise! Have a look on our site. :D

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I printed one of these lil guys out last night in .3 for speed and it looks really nice. Great job on this! The snap deisgn is rather ingenius and while at .3 its a bit difficult to get it to bend it still works well.

Awesome! Thanks for the review. :D

This would make a perfect housing for a Raspberry Pi camera - Rukibot standing watch (and controlling) the printer.

That would be awesome!