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Open Ocular v1 clipped baseplate mod

by relet Nov 21, 2018
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Just happened to see you've been tinkering with OpenOcular, too! :-)

Here's my modification of V1.1, that has been released recently:


It's very similar to your modification ...it probably has a bit longer distance to the eyepiece, but allows more lateral adjustment range because the clamps can still overlap the "tail".

OpenOcular V1.1

Nice one, thank you for the pointer. I probably won't work on it much, since it kinda sorta works for me, and showed to have too many design oddities. In particular

  • the large thumbwheel gets stuck too easily, and there doesn't really seem a necessity for it to exist.
  • the design lacks a bottom rail to hold the phone, just clamping it is pretty shaky business.
  • the thumbwheels lack precision when adjusting. I wonder if you could just replace them with, for example, wedges.

I absolutely agree on the bottom rail!

Interesting yoiu're not happy with the threads ... in my print, they worked amazingly well, though my printer tends to overextrude. Now I wonder if that meant I ended up with very small tolerances and little play as a side effect of this :-)

I have experimented with my own designs for adapters, but am not entirely happy with these either.

This one is totally non-adjustable, and I had it printed by a commercial provider using Nylon-sintering. It actually works quite well, but only with the eyepiece it's designed for, and when you upgrade your phone, you basically throw the adapter away:


The other one fits a specific eyepiece only but allows a certain range of adjustment for the phone. It lacks the bottom rail too, and I think it would be necessary to clamp the phone laterally closer to the camera objective:


Digiscoping Adapter Samsung A3 to Kowa TE-11WZ
Parametric Smartphone-to-Eyepiece Adapter

Yes, I think I will eventually switch to a non-adjustable print, just dropping the phone in place seems so convenient. Alternatively, if it is adjustable, you should not have to change the adjustment to free the phone (hence - no clamps, or maybe one to hold the phone which is independent of any adjustments).
Do you know if there is a case where you would need the height adjustment? With my hardware, I just want (the 2x zoom lens on a Samsung S9) as close as possible to the eyepiece - the automatic focus works well enough and I still zoom in some more digitally if I want a fullscreen picture.