by ZhilDV Nov 22, 2018
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Your design is fantastic! I think it's even better than ZeroBot2! I like your idea to make the shell to 3 parts(bottom, middle, upper). This makes assembling much easier.
Could you send me your CAD source files? I want to make some modifications to adapt my electronic design. Thank you so much!

Best regards,

I want to mold the outer tires (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2811409) as I cannot print with flexible material. Are your tires the same as wingman's to fit in size?

ZeroBot tire mold

Hello Dmitry

Email given by PM


Yes, I've saw... I'll send models to you so soon how possible

Hello Dmitry
Nice job, which is exactly the thing I was thinking to plan about the original robot, the Idea to glue the motors and electronic was hard for me.
Would it be possible to publish the cad file (solidwork, step, fusion360 or other) so I could modify some little things, maybe changing the plate (or remove them totally) where the motors are screwed and probably use countersunk screws. I am thinking to use another main switch and maybe add an antenna for the wifi to the raspberry pi zero w (never used until know, no idea about reception of pcb antenna).

I am able to convert the CAD files from Wingman94, (“igs” type works better on Solidwork than “stp”), would be nice if you could provide the files in the same way so your design could be used as a new "basis".

In any case, thank you for your job and explanation on the pdf file.

Hello! Send me your email and list of details...

Hi, It's so cool.
I think it is different from original, so I need new schematic.
But I can't open PDF file - ZDV_ZEROBOT_PRO_V1.PDF.
So I don't know how to connect electronic circuit.
If schematic is in there, could you send me or upload again?

Hi! You should use Adobe Acrobat Reader!!! Click "Trust this document". Next click "?" in the top left corner of document. I'll try to do connection diagram soon...

Now I see that pdf file. It has 3d model and it needs permission.

But there's no schematic. I'll wait for your connection diagram.

Thanks again.

P.S. Where to use two of E-12 CHIP RESISTOR 10K ?

I have set thees resistors on (E-09 MT3608 BOOST CONVERTER) board between VIN+ and VIN- pins. Middle point is ADC input for (E-08 GY-ADS1115-ADS1015) board. See picture...

I'll try to make it.
Thanks a lot.

You are welcome...

Nice Job!! What are the print times for the top and bottom pieces? i printed my modified versions, but yours look great

Thaks! Time is about 3 hours for one detail...

I love this redesign of the ZeroBot! The way all the electronics got it's own place, nicely done!!

But! Could you please make a solid wheel without the 6 holes. Or share the designfiles.

I also wish the offroad tires would fit this wheel, but no such luck... I'll try to make my own


I remixed the innerwheel two times to allow you to use the offroad tire, and posted it as a remix under this model with three versions since i haven't printed either, one with a inset center cap and with that is like original would work as a Wide Tire for the ZDV Zerobot, the Remix number three would use the Zerobot offroad Tire

i remixed the wheel and uploaded it

Thanks so much :)

Yes, I'll public wheels without holes soon...

can you please post video while operating it? I like you design more then the original for all practical purpose. I am about to order the BOM for it, also any other suggestion you want give me as I am starting it.

Thank you! I have no time for take photo and video. Now I work under another projects. I want to do it in New Year holydays!
I have some problems with video speed on RPI Zero W... I'll attempt to change codec and find out in the source code!

Looks like the twitch drone from R6S aha

Yes, like twins - one face :)

You're not the first one to notice that :)

Twitch Drone Chassis for ZeroBot