Stiffener Assembly for Logitech G Driving Shifter with G29/ G920

by wildcardfox Nov 22, 2018
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how do you keep it in place on the "logitech base" ?
Scotch ? screw ? nothing ?

Because i made one, and when I pass a speed, the part just "pop up" but if i keep it in place with my hand , it's work

I never had a problem keeping the regular unit down, the force of the boot always kept my versions in place. You can try to screw it in like the Super Stiff version https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3248230. If you do not want to try screws you may have use epoxy or glue that would be resistant enough to the force that is being generated by your shifting.

Super Stiff Shifter Assembly for Logitech G Driving Shifter with G29/ G920

I'm a total noob at 3d printing and I'd like to order this through Print A Thing. Could you list the layer thickness and materials used please? Thank you in advance, this is exactly what I've been looking for.


you're going to want the following settings. I included a pic below.

Infill at 100%
.2mm layer thickness
and material can be PLA or ABS.

Thank you very much

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i printed this but it did not fit in my shifter, also bottom layer is so thin that it breaks? shame because it looked really good

Hi Scott. What I would hope that you would do is not just leave a comment saying “it didn’t work”, but telling me what issues you had and hoping to see if I could either work with you on those issues. I am here to help.

Now, I’ve had this working on my setup for the past week, and I have put it thought a lot of abuse, so we have some discrepancy between what I printed out, and what you printed out.

So I have a few questions:

  1. Did you print at 100%?
  2. What machine are printing on?
  3. Run a calibration test https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865

The reason why I ask above is because my machine that I printed this on is calibrated extremely well and it’s fits perfectly as you can see in the 3rd photo.

If you printed at 100% infill, then the 2mm lower base should not break on you. It comes pre-threaded with the m2 holes, and the slider has .40mm of clearance between the Upper and Lower base, so there is no serious stress on that part, so I’m curious how it broke?

What shifter are you using specifically? Probably should not matter because if it is a Logitech G29 or 920, the bumpers should be the same. The setup works on my bumpers so if you are saying it is not fitting then that makes me wonder if your machine is printing too far in one axis, because we should be seeing the same thing on dimensions.

Let me know.


XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube

So let me know. Happy to help.

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