Outlet Mount for the Google Home Mini

by Yelt Nov 22, 2018
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How many lower layers do you recommend?

Great design! Any chance you could make a split version for smaller print beds? (120x120x120mm)

Great ! I remixed it in BB8 costume for Google Home Mini. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3481800

BB-8 Google Home Mini
by fratton

This is being sold on ebay UK even though you have the non commercial licence attribute.

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Unfortunately it didn't fit my Australian google home mini as the hole for the plug was way too small

Had the same problem (Australian Google Home Mini). Thinking about uploading a remix with the correct sizing, if I do I'll re-post here.

Why is this tagged NSFW?

Good question, I have no idea. It was removed.

Awesome design! Thanks for sharing

Looks great! But blocks half of the speaker.

Pros: Design and cable management.

Cons: It blocks almost half of the speaker. I tried to move the mini forward but after a few weeks it killed my mini :/ (had to do a return) (the issue: the cable had too much force since the mini was moved forward; charger connector broke.)

Note: Google designed the mini for the sound to comes out on the sides.

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Hi Tatiks, I'm sorry about what happened to your Google Home Mini.

I've been using this design for approximately a year now, and I am happy with the audio quality that the Google Home Mini's produce while in the mount. I have not done any serious audio quality testing as I did not realize that this would be a problem. I will look into modifying the design so that the Google Home Mini is not set as deep into the mount as it currently is.


No problem, it was still under warranty :). Don't get me wrong, your design is still the best one out there (by far). Thanks for sharing and improving your design!

Here is a youtube video showing what I was talking about. once he takes the speaker off you will see a plate forcing the sound through the side of the mini (all around the side of the google mini you will see and feel openings).

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGgo5VI4jp8

Thanks! and happy holidays!

Anyone have a sound meter or audio spectrum analyzer to test Tatiks theory with and without the mount?

I printed it in ABS and I think there was some shrinkage that doesn't allow the Mini to fit in quite right.
Should the mini almost touch the bottom tabs when it is inserted properly?

Excellent design. Thanks for publishing it.
Tip coming your way.

Printed it at +1% on X and Y and it came out perfect.

Really nice! Also works with EU / Dutch version of the plug/Home Mini, needed a tiny bit of sanding before the plug completely fitted.

This is without a doubt, the best wall dock for the mini I've seen yet.
I've made a few different designs for mine, 1 that was similar to yours, but not as awesome.
Great job!

This is hands down my favorite mount for the home mini. Really nice design, easy to print; looks like a commercial mounting solution. Great job. The only issue I had was that on my minis, the power plug's cable was more or less attached to the center front to back, whereas this design seems to expect the power cord to be mounted offset more towards the front of the plug. Maybe there are multiple versions of the power plug? I had to drill out the notch for the cable to move it to the center on the first one I printed. I'll cut it out in tinkercad for the rest I print. Might be worthwhile to just open up the cutout to the center for compatibility; the little check isn't really necessary to keep it oriented properly, as the plug enclosure grips it the plug tightly enough to prevent movement as it is, and even if it were able to move, the weight of the mini below would keep it oriented vertically anyway.

Again, I really love the look. Thanks for posting.

Have yet to print this design but I think I'm gonna need to do the same thing for the power adapter.

Hey Chantling, I'm glad you like the design. I designed this based around the USA Google Home Mini I purchased about a year ago now. I am curious if there has been a new version of the power plug that has been released? Are you based in the United States? Would you please email me a few pictures of your plug, as well as possibly some measurements from your plug? My email is [email protected]

Thank you.

Could you design one for Echo dot 3rd Gen? Thanks!