Parametric Zip Toggle

by Bikecyclist Nov 22, 2018
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@backboots: Thanks for your feedback! I've just uploaded a new version of the OpenSCAD file for the customizer, as well as three STL files with different tolerances, so that one can just pick the one that's right for one's own printer. (I've also updated the description to help with that.)

I think you should set default tolerance to 0.25 or 0.3. Your current tolerance of 0.8 is too much for most machines.

You might have a point there. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I can't get tight tolerances out of my printer without getting poor layer transitions.

Did you print the zip toggle with 0.8, or did you adjust tolerance right away? I'd be interested in whether a print with excessive tolerance is still usable.

I printed with your stl first, but the tolerance is to much for both of my machines and the hooks doesn't stay put. I modified the scad file and on the better machine I can get a good fit with 0.15 while the other (anet variant) can only do 0.25.

Thanks for the tests!

Amazing that these low tolerances work for you, I guess I really need to find out how I can stop my printer from overextruding so much.

I have just uploaded a new version with the tolerance reduced to 0.5 by default. My experience is that with too low a tolerance, it's hard to figure out why the pieces don't fit together as they should.

@ warr3ntor: Thanks for pointing that out!

I've just uploaded an improved version that has all three parts lying flat on the same plane.

Cheers :). A tip for those using slic3r - split the stl before slicing as the pin/loop are mid air and not on the print bed.