Medieval Tower Made for tabletop gaming

by 3Dlayeredscenery Nov 22, 2018
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You did a really nice job on this. I like it. It isn't going to be great for 28mm gaming without floors on each level, but it's still a really nice design.

Thank you very much,

I haven't tried interior yet but this is something Im willing to do in the future (well I have tried it once on a ruined tower model which I will post on thingiverse).

My new designs also do not include interior but there is enough space to include this later on. At the moment im working on getting better with exterior detailing. I have tried some very detailed models but these details do not show up after its printed (They might show up while using a 0.1mm nozzle)

I still got a lot to learn as I am still very new to designing and I learn new things everyday at the moment which makes it alot of fun aswell.

Honestly, I'm not sure there's much value in designing things that need to be printed with a 0.1mm nozzle. I'm an old fat guy from the old school. I can tell you that those tiny details are things that the people using the things you design are never even going to see. Not to tell you how to do what you do from a design perspective, but I do have some experience from a user's perspective.

If the insides of your models looked like the outside it would be sufficient. Personally, I was thinking of using TinkerCAD to build towers out of individual blocks. There is a fantastic series on YouTube about Guedelon castle in France that is six hours of videos about how a real stone castle gets built. If you haven't heard of Guedelon you are really missing out. It's wonderful!

I think I actually played with the Chainmail rules a couple of times when I was a kid. What system are you using? Are you designing for 28mm fantasy RPGs or for large medieval combats?

The thing I love best about your designs it that they are pretty realistic. Except maybe the arrow loops which I've never seen with a large opening at the top and bottom (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrowslit). They look nice, but I think they're not really practical. I'm sure I could be wrong and that you may have a historical reason for designing them that way.

After the test print I made with more detail I went to design only detail that would actually be visible after printing. I've never heared of Guedelon to be honest but thats a beautiful castle. I am playing the Lord of the rings / the hobbit wargame series but I'm actually more hoarding them than playing the game itself.. designing these buildings has kinda turned in to my hobby. Those arrow slits are not practical at all you are right on that one haha

At the moment Im trying to create somewhat of a village, and hope to feature a kickstarter for these buildings aswel. At the moment this set consist of about 7-8 houses of different sizing and architecture and a seamless wall design. featuring 2 different towers / corner pieces / a gate house and 2 different straight walls. Detailing and scaling is in my eyes alot better than the designs I've posted on thingiverse so far.

Also, I'd say that, while your arrow slits don't look like the ones we see in the history of Earth, who is to say that they don't solve a problem that would have been faced by people living in a world where magic is real? Maybe if there were dragons on the Earth you'd have a really good reason for wanting an arrow slit like that?

What software are you doing your designing in? I've used TinkerCAD and found it to be remarkably intuitive and useful. I'm sure that once I learn more I'll start using Fusion360 for things that need really high precision like print-in-place hinges. My son is gradually learning to use Blender and I'm encouraging him to give TinkerCAD a try. It's really a fun program. Some of the things I've seen people design with it are just amazing. I'm sure that what they did could have been done more quickly with more advanced and 'technical' software, but TinkerCAD is so easy to pick up and there's hardly any learning curve. Anyway... That's probably enough bloviation about TinkerCAD. LOL.

I am using Fusion and Zbrush at the moment, at first I really hated the mechanics of zbrush but I kinda got the hang of it now but I found it a very hard software to learn.

Just a recommendation based on the kickstarters that I usually back. Look into a clip locking system, there's a variety. Openlock, Dragonlock, Infinity lock and probably some more. These locking modular systems pretty much always do well. I don't know anything about the licensing, but i've backed a couple of 3rd party openlock kickstarters.
Wish you the best.

Thank you very much for your comment, I will definitly look into this!