Bear X Idler Mount - Misumi GT3

by TrevJonez Nov 23, 2018
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I was thinking of doing the same thing, what's the actual diameter of the hole? So difficult to figure it out lol. Which of the two methods works better, and are you happy with it so far?

no problem so far. GT3 is much thicker so less tension required it seems. idler is a 5mm hole and this part accepts a 3mm dowel. other idler dimensions are listed in response to Greg's comment. also you can pull measurements straight from fusion 360 link directly in the browser

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Er...if the bearing is 3x6x2.5 then isn’t the hole 6mm and since you need two bearings then 5mm wide? I’m pretty confused with the options lol. How hard is it to push in the bearings, is that something you can do by hand, or do you need a press?

Basically, the e3d has the bearing included and is 2GT, whereas Misumi has no bearing installed and is gt3. So...not related to this but the pulley for example would be a good candidate for those “big bearing” mods, since the bearing is already removed right? So many options haha

you are right. it is 6mm my bad there. they go in by hand pretty easy. the e3d is 2gt so thinner and more common. not sure it makes a difference myself so far.

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That is interesting, how wide is the idler? Sorry pics on thingiverse are too small to read the size ;-)

also added a photo of the actual parts that this was adjusted for . the 11.47 x 16 are just the widest points. you can see that the way they are assembled the entire cylinder isn't the full 11.47 wide.

actual outer dimen is 11.47mm with 16mm diameter so this opens it up to 11.9mm. then I reduced the radius on the edge of the opening a touch so they didn't overlap. My plan is to print it in CF nylon so strength shouldn't be an issue but it certain does make it thin in places along the corners of the opening.

Now if only this webpage wasn't such a dumpster fire from a user experience perspective.

Wow they are very wide! Thanks for the info!