Another Modular Interlocking Drawer Set

by qanwi1970 Nov 29, 2018
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I love the minimalism design and the interlock is just right. The print flat without supports or extra parts is very much appreciated. I would like to make a few requests if you feel like messing with it. Modular end caps to give the outside edges a flat surface and cover the exposed channels, even smaller drawers by dividing the current small drawer in half, wide shallow drawers, and narrow deep drawers. I realize that take your system out of square but it makes things much more versatile. Perhaps the outside unused rails can be utilized as well? Perhaps a parts tray that goes on top with built in or modular dividers would be very handy. Maybe an accessory tray with a bunch of evenly spaced holes to be used for mounting anything you want to the plate. Just a few ideas but your interlock system has great potential.

Thanks for compliments. I'm in the middle of a design project, but I'll make a note to loop back around and revisit this one.

very good job! i like how they lock and i can add more and more and more lol this sort of organizers could work nice for my rc parts and pieces. so how much filament does the big one and the smaller ones take each to print? i'd like to print a set but i don't want to run out of ink half way if you know what i mean.

With 20% infill, the large module and drawer are a combined 151 grams of filament. The small module and drawer add up to 64 grams.